Monday, August 4, 2008

The Guest Blogger

My friends, it has come to my attention that poobomber wants to share his life through me. His comment on my previous post was long enough that I am turning it into a guest post on my blog, because you should all hear what he had to say. Also, it was so ridiculously long that it could have been a blog post in itself. Well now it is, boys and girls. By the way, this is being used without his permission, and I don't care. Enjoy!

Happy long weekend dude!

I went to the desert. Yep, there's a desert in Manitoba! Well kinda. There are sand dunes.

It was hot and sweaty and I got a big blood blister on the bottom of my left foot cause I was barefoot (which is a pity since my right foot might wash up ashore in BC soon and I'll need the left one). But it was cool anyways, lots of sand, but you have to walk a mile uphill on a path that's just sand, making it a good strenuous journey. Then when you get there all you can do is sit on the edge of the dunes, gasping, then turn around and go back because you're too tired to go any further.

Then we went and had pizza hut. I had spaghetti with meatballs. The meatballs were good, but the spaghetti was overdone by about 10 minutes, making it mushy like baby food. I hate that. I like mine al dente. And the waitress was lazy and never came around to give us the bill even when we left some not-so-subtle hints like putting the leftovers on the very edge of the table, stretching lots, looking at her, yelling at her, grabbing at her when she walked by, and finally I got up and punched her. Right off her feet. Kidding, I just went to the cashier and paid. Even she walked away when I went to pay. Um, "Hello? I'm right here. You just walked away and stood 5 feet away and stared at me the moment I came up here. Should I just go and not pay?" My companion enjoyed her stuffed-crust pizza immensely though, I even had a slice. But I only tipped a buck. I hate it when people suck at waiting tables, cause I'm still too guilty to NOT leave a tip, so I leave a tip and then feel like a sucker for leaving a tip. You know how that goes.

The day before yesterday, we laid around and watched TV and napped intermittently. It was raining and dull, so we made the best of it. Know what's great? Watching Ghost Hunters when it's dark and gloomy outside. And winning the lottery. Winning the lottery might be more exciting, but all I'd do with the money is go on international vacations and lay in the hotel rooms and watch Ghost Hunters anyways.

Today I'm kinda working since I deal with a lot of people in the US. But more or less I'm writing pointless blog entries as per usual. At some point I might nap.

Oh crap, you didn't ask me what I did this weekend, you just hoped I had a good weekend! Yes then, I did!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! Aside from the spaghetti incident.

i am playing outside said...

i dont know why a person would get spaghetti at a restaurant to begin with!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted the meatballs. Also had a craving for pasta sauce.

Plus Tim Horton's - which was our first choice for fine dining - doesn't take debit cards in this backassward province, so screw 'em. Pizza Hut was next door.

i am playing outside said...

tim hortons doesn't take debit anywhere. you need a tim card, which takes like 5 minutes for them to punch in buttons for even though it should just be swipe and done.

tim hortons, you blow.

Anonymous said...

Tim Horton's takes debit cards in Saskatchewan and Alberta though - we just went there and were treated to the wonderfulness that is modern financial transactions.

I'm boycotting them. Which of course means a hunger strike as a result. I'll keep you informed of what happens. I'm fat enough to hold out a long time.

i am playing outside said...

i just remember cash or go to the attached Wendy's lol

Bec said...

you can pay with master card at tim hortons, though i feel stupid when i get my bill and have all these 2$ charges

i am playing outside said...

hahaha ya that would look weird. and probably make you realize that you go to tim hortons too often! HAHA