Monday, August 18, 2008

The Flickr

Welcome, friends, to my first foray into the world of a Flickr slideshow. I took way more pictures than than would be humanly possible to blog the way I usually would, so I've decided to let you flick through them.

We start out with pictures on Friday night with Andrew, Jenny, Lindsay and I at Wal*Mart, then Jenny and Andrew and I went down to the Swinging Bridge and explored around. The rest of the pictures are from my weekend at my cousin's cottage. I kayaked for the first time, which was awesome [I'm afraid of swimming so this was a nice step to get me out in the water] and there were lots of lovely people at the cottage to enjoy haha.

So enjoy the plethora of pictures. In there, you may locate the one that I took as a repeat of my old profile picture. Those of you who pay close attention to my life will notice it. So, no one will notice it.

Also, with 9 days left of work, I have nothing at all left to do. Today I spent the entire day figuring out my plans to attend the Vancouver Olympics in 2010. Ticket applications begin on October 3, so I'll have to wrangle 700-1000 bucks for tickets. Thank you student loan. I'll have to wait a few months to buy my plane ticket since the airlines don't sell further in advance than that. I am excited. Some people dream of competing in the Olympics. I just want to be there.

Enjoy the photos!

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