Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Electric Company

Things have gotten VERY boring at work. I've got 8 days to go, and in the past two days, the only work I've done is take two pictures. And that was on the first day. What the hell am I going to do for 8 more days?

Tomorrow there will be a going away lunch for Sherif. He is the other student, and is leaving a bit early so he can go home to Qatar for two weeks before school starts [he goes to school in Waterloo]. This is him:

The lunch is scheduled to take 90 minutes. That's 90 of the 30 minutes that I get for lunch. Hooray!

In other fun news at GE, Paresh, the other guy that works in Environmental Health and Safety handed in his two weeks notice today, and will be done on the same day as me. That means that EHS will go from 3 employees to 1 in a day. The one, the boss, happens to have not done a damn thing all summer. Good luck to him.

Paresh is leaving because he is way underpaid and under appreciated. The story goes that he will be moving back to Toronto to be with his family and live in the house he recently bought for them, and he will be owning a gas station. Good luck to him, I guess! But what a random switch! I hope it was planned out!

If you have any possible activities I can do during the next 8 days of boredom at work, please let me know. I beg you.


Anonymous said...

I often doodled about my bosses doing horrible atrocious things to other employees I didn't like. That used to be fun. Or vice versa.

The treasure trove stack of paper slips with the drawings has been passed down from person to person since I left.

This was like an early form of blogging.

i am playing outside said...

That sounds pretty kickin'

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I'm usually pretty busy working when I'm at work, but if I wasn't I would get one of those big expensive NY Times Crossword Puzzle books and go to town all day.

Anonymous said...

Play a game. Points assessed for certain things in the work place that you see.

2 points for a pocket protecter.

3 points for someone who brings their lunch in a paper sack.

4 points for an unflushed urinal.

And so forth...

i am playing outside said...

lady: im more of a wordsearch man. crosswords piss me off cuz i can never do more than like half. im not old enough. lol

SRU: 1. its a small office. no pocket protectors. 2. there is a guy who always has TWO paper bags for lunch. they call him TwoBagger. 3. automatic flush urinal. lol