Friday, August 29, 2008

The Departure

17 weeks ago, I was walking through the Rideau Center in Ottawa. The place was packed, packed to the point that I got slightly anxious as I sometimes do when I'm surrounded by so many people and I'm alone. My phone rang, and it was my dad. "You got the job."

At that moment, my mind was already packing my bags and preparing for a 16 week stint of bordedom and sadness in Renfrew. But as you saw, it wasn't as bad as I planned.

My dad called me again a week later. He was outside waiting to load up the car with my computer and clothes. It was time to head home and start work the next day.

Working at the second largest company in the world was an exciting prospect... that looks very good on a résumé I'm sure.

Over the 16 weeks, things went very well. I got to know and like many of the 80 or so employees, and I liked the work I was doing. Eventually, the phone calls from my dad became calls to my desk phone. "See you at 1?" he'd ask, and I'd say yes and hang up. Then, we'd go for coffee for 45 minutes even though 1 was 30 minutes after my lunch ended. 75 minutes of lunches was nice, especially since I didn't have much to do some days.

Today was my last day. Two of my friends took me out for a nice lunch, and they even paid which was way too nice of them. Although the girl is allergic to gluten, so she couldn't eat the bun that came with her soup. I split it with the other guy, and we broke it by pulling like it was a wishbone. I won. But then I started eating, and the other guy shouted "you won the wishbun" and I howled with laughter and choked on the wishbun for quite some time and I almost died. But the rest of the meal was delicious.

I was sad to leave and there was even some fighting back of the eye mist on the drive home. I'll miss those people.

This was my last moment of GE. I will really miss it. It was the best job I ever had, and it really made my dad proud to get to work with me. It's probably every father's dream. He told me he's really going to miss me. It was probably the best 16 weeks he's had there in his 20 years.

My boss gave me this duffel bag which was sweet because the old GE bag that my dad gave me broke [zipper] when I moved home for the Summer, so now I have a new one to take back to Ottawa!

This assortment of things GE was also provided within the bag. Golf balls I wont use, a keychain/bottle opener/flashlight that I likely wont use, a crappy little flashlight and a mousepad that represents some other GE building from 1955-2005. What? LOL

These school supplies where shoved into my hand as a "quick, take these, they're free school supplies and I can just get myself some more from the cupboard" moment from one of my [now former] coworkers as we said goodbye. HAH.

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