Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Cycle

366 days ago [thanks, leap year] I began this blog in an attempt to make my online presence work for once. See: The Rebirth.

This is the point where the cycle will start over.

A year ago, I was 4 days away from quitting my awful job at Best Western. As a friendly reminder of that, I got some messages yesterday from a girl who worked there with me... and still does. The poor thing.

Now, I have a good job at General Electric, and I shall NOT be quitting it on the spot and boarding a bus home. Well, I'm already home. And I drive to work.

But it truly is all starting over. Last year the 17th was a Friday, and Andrew and I spent that weekend at my cousin's cottage. This year, Friday will be the 15th [thanks for screwing up the consistency, calendar!] and Andrew will come up and we will go to my cousin's cottage. He will also meet some more of my Renfrew friends. 13.5 months together, maybe its about fucking time! :P

So get ready to compare year 2 to year 1, folks. I'll try not to repeat myself.

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