Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Beginning Of The End

This is my 16th and last week of the Summer to be spent in Renfrew. That means its time to say my 'see you laters'.

On Monday night, I went with Momma to visit Grandmomma. It was a lovely evening and we totally watched Jeopardy. I rocked it. Some of it.

But then on Tuesday night, I got TOTALLY EXCITED as you can see...

...because I was seeing Jodie for the first time in what I thought was all Summer, but then I remembered that we saw a movie together with some people in May. It was a great movie.

This picture is a crappy one. But it is of the truck carrying a log home building kit that got part of the logs ripped off BY A TRAIN yesterday morning while parked at a convenience store (but only partially in the parking lot) in town. Wow.

Jenny climbed up on the Subway rock. She totally showed off her cleave, but this picture didn't capture it.

Then we decided to walk down a creepy path.

Lindsay and I looked like this.

Then a cool picture of Rebecca happened.


Stacy said...

glad you're enjoying your last week of summer.

i'm filling all my days as well. i don't want it to just slip away.

i am playing outside said...

good! never waste the summer! although another one is just around the corner! enjoy your last long weekend!