Friday, August 29, 2008

The Outing

13 months after I started coming out, I finally ended that saga tonight, by telling my dad. Everyone else was a piece of cake, but I was always too nervous about him. I told him, and he took it decently. Some hesitation, but he still loves me and all that good stuff. He just wants me to be happy and safe.

I'll tell him about my roommate/boyfriend of 14 months at a later date. Baby steps. LOL

The Departure

17 weeks ago, I was walking through the Rideau Center in Ottawa. The place was packed, packed to the point that I got slightly anxious as I sometimes do when I'm surrounded by so many people and I'm alone. My phone rang, and it was my dad. "You got the job."

At that moment, my mind was already packing my bags and preparing for a 16 week stint of bordedom and sadness in Renfrew. But as you saw, it wasn't as bad as I planned.

My dad called me again a week later. He was outside waiting to load up the car with my computer and clothes. It was time to head home and start work the next day.

Working at the second largest company in the world was an exciting prospect... that looks very good on a résumé I'm sure.

Over the 16 weeks, things went very well. I got to know and like many of the 80 or so employees, and I liked the work I was doing. Eventually, the phone calls from my dad became calls to my desk phone. "See you at 1?" he'd ask, and I'd say yes and hang up. Then, we'd go for coffee for 45 minutes even though 1 was 30 minutes after my lunch ended. 75 minutes of lunches was nice, especially since I didn't have much to do some days.

Today was my last day. Two of my friends took me out for a nice lunch, and they even paid which was way too nice of them. Although the girl is allergic to gluten, so she couldn't eat the bun that came with her soup. I split it with the other guy, and we broke it by pulling like it was a wishbone. I won. But then I started eating, and the other guy shouted "you won the wishbun" and I howled with laughter and choked on the wishbun for quite some time and I almost died. But the rest of the meal was delicious.

I was sad to leave and there was even some fighting back of the eye mist on the drive home. I'll miss those people.

This was my last moment of GE. I will really miss it. It was the best job I ever had, and it really made my dad proud to get to work with me. It's probably every father's dream. He told me he's really going to miss me. It was probably the best 16 weeks he's had there in his 20 years.

My boss gave me this duffel bag which was sweet because the old GE bag that my dad gave me broke [zipper] when I moved home for the Summer, so now I have a new one to take back to Ottawa!

This assortment of things GE was also provided within the bag. Golf balls I wont use, a keychain/bottle opener/flashlight that I likely wont use, a crappy little flashlight and a mousepad that represents some other GE building from 1955-2005. What? LOL

These school supplies where shoved into my hand as a "quick, take these, they're free school supplies and I can just get myself some more from the cupboard" moment from one of my [now former] coworkers as we said goodbye. HAH.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The End Of Round Two

This is post 200 my friends, and I think that it will be used just to show you this lovely picture of the Renfrew sunset that I took last night while driving to Tim Hortons with Michelle and Amanda. It is very inspiring I'm sure, and a perfect fit for such a pleasant milestone!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Beginning Of The End

This is my 16th and last week of the Summer to be spent in Renfrew. That means its time to say my 'see you laters'.

On Monday night, I went with Momma to visit Grandmomma. It was a lovely evening and we totally watched Jeopardy. I rocked it. Some of it.

But then on Tuesday night, I got TOTALLY EXCITED as you can see...

...because I was seeing Jodie for the first time in what I thought was all Summer, but then I remembered that we saw a movie together with some people in May. It was a great movie.

This picture is a crappy one. But it is of the truck carrying a log home building kit that got part of the logs ripped off BY A TRAIN yesterday morning while parked at a convenience store (but only partially in the parking lot) in town. Wow.

Jenny climbed up on the Subway rock. She totally showed off her cleave, but this picture didn't capture it.

Then we decided to walk down a creepy path.

Lindsay and I looked like this.

Then a cool picture of Rebecca happened.

The Nightmare, Redux

Faithful longtime readers, do you remember my post from November 6, 2007? It was titled The Nightmare. No, I'm not being haunted at night, I just want to own a movie.

For 10 months, I've been scouring the globe; every DVD store, website, friend's movie cabinet, baby's crib. I've looked EVERYWHERE for The Nightmare Before Christmas, and it has simply vanished from the earth. I said "bullshit" with regard to the possible fact that it could be a Disney movie in the vault. No where online did it say such blasphemy, so it couldn't be true!

Well, yesterday at approximately the exact time of 7:04am, I was doing my groggy pre-work TV and internet wakeup, when a commercial came on.

For a limited time only, a special collector's edition of The Nightmare Before Christmas was coming out of ... wait for it ... the FUCKING Disney vault!

1. Why is such a fabulous movie made by Disney?

2. Why did no one online know that the movie was in the vault?

3. Can a special edition of something that has never been on sale before TRULY be in the vault? Like it would have had to be made in the vault. The non-special edition could be in the vault, absolutely. But no. No special vaulting. The Olympics gymnastics program is over.

Anyway, by 7:05 I had ordered my copy from Amazon. Thank you VISA.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Last Hoorah

My Summer comes to a close this coming Friday [the 29th] when I finish my last day as a GE employee and I move back to Ottawa for my last year of undergrad. To celebrate, especially since there wasn't too much celebration this Summer and it was totally boring, I had some people over for a small partay. You know, a gathering.

There was dancing.

There was singing.

There was me needing to be in my own pictures, so why not include Rebecca-ing.

Then Adam showed up, and I was even more shocked than he was. Its generally just a courtesy invite with him since he never comes! LOL

Then, Lindsay spilled and freaked out about it. I caught the exact moment and it was more than perfect. You can see it. That was the point where we decided that it was time to head to the bar!

At Coco Jarry's, we had a drink or two, I talked to Nick and Natalie and Jordan, I saw adults that I haven't seen since I was a child [awkward!]. Jenny threw a glass on the ground [she's such a little drunk!]. I can't believe they let her keep going back there, especially after she threw up on a barstool one time. Classy. I like to keep bringing that up. :D

Finnigan's is the bar we landed at. It wasn't too packed, and we weren't there too long before it was last call and the ugly lights came on. We did the traditional post-bar trip to Subway which was ultra delicious [naturally] and then we parted ways. I'll see some of them again for coffee this week, or maybe in Ottawa, but for others, it will be Thanksgiving.

In the end, it was a fantastic and fun night to celebrate the end of what was a fairly boring Summer. Hopefully, it will be the start of a great Fall, and final school year.

The Live Closing

This was a live blog. It starts at the bottom and works its way back to the top. Or you can read it backwards. Sorry if it screws up the size of my main page. Enjoy!

Now we're doing a little recap of what we saw. Doing interviews with athletes. I'm gonna stop blogging now. I will be attending the 2012 Vancouver Olympics, so come back in 18 months to hear my stories live from those Opening Ceremonies and the events. And I'll see you again in 4 years when London takes over the Summer Games. Take care!

Showing London again. The people are still excited. They have 4 years of excitement to go.

Oh my god... one of the Canadians is wearing a mascot head! HAHAHA How did they get that!?

Interview with Adam van Koeverden. I swear he looks different every time I see him. You couldn't pick him out of a lineup of one. I'm a bit disappointed... Each Olympics, the Canadians sneak in a massive 24x60 foot Canadian flag and haul it up on top of the athletes at the end. It appears that they didn't bring it this year, or they didn't manage to get it in. That sucks!

"Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes the Games of the 29th Olympiad. Good night everyone."

There is so much happening. So many dancers, there's singing, there are thousands of fireworks. Its quite the show.

The fireworks outside look too perfect. Props to the Chinese. But, like, Free Tibet, ok?

The fence is indeed broken. Chains of people are dancing around everywhere. I just saw Canadians linked [by hand holding] with volunteers. This is everybody's party. I'm partying by sitting here at my TV and computer in an old pair of soccer shorts. Everyone parties a different way.

Another song. Everyone is dancing everywhere. I think this is where the party part really starts to kick into gear. I can't tell if the volunteer fence is still in place or if they're dancing around. I'll let you know.

Another song. I'm not into the Chinese songs. I'm sorry. I like country music. Wow... look out the window. My neighbour is shirtless and he seems to be hotter than he used to be. Very ugly stomach tattoo though. What the hell.

The Diamond Princess is standing in her diamond dress, with a man. Their platform rises. The Olympics have a quota for rising performance platforms I think. The song is boring. Nice red rubber wrestling belt, Diamond Princess.

The women are wearing smiles that say "If this smile stops, so does my life. I love the Chinese government!"

And now, a traditional folk song: "The Moon is Bright Tonight". Do you think these 7 lovely ladies are actually singing, or are their hideous and untelevisable counterparts singing in the basement of the Bird's Nest?

Is Shania Twain actually Chinese? Or do these women just love her outfits? Every time I look at them, I think of Shania automatically.

Now there are musicians on the tower. They're singing a song called "Beijing, Beijing, I love Beijing" ... I can't even make this stuff up. They have borrowed the London ghetto blaster. Sing louder please!

The fabric is 'Lucky Cloud Yarn Strips' and they're rising to the sky. A Lucky Cloud Tree. Very lucky. Fireworks! So many of them!

Noise begins, and there are men on a tower making noise and movement and they are pretending to be the Flame. It shall always live on in the hearts of the Chinese. Some guy just ran UP the tower. How!? Now the men are in groups on the tower. They're flourishing. Red and white flowers. Now they're leaving the tower. Its weird but cool. Back up the tower! Now we're a spiral! Now we're running in mid air! Now we're being covered with red fabric!

The Flame is gone and China is silent. A few small fireworks shoot up. Complete silence.

A song begins. Focus on the Flame. Its a beautiful cauldron. Many angles of the Flame. Everything is dark now.

The underwear men are dancing. The scroll is getting very close to the Flame.

Three athletes are up on top of a platform that they walked up stairs to get to. It seems to be a cherry picker. Somehow, I think they'll be extinguishing the Olympic Flame. The guy opens a scroll. We shall be treated to the contents of the scroll played on the stadium wall. Events from the days of the games. Hey, I never saw archery! Two underwear men are all white. Forming "sports sculptures".

Commercial. Speaking of the volunteers, I always think its cool that the volunteers for a human fence to corral the athletes in the stadium. They stand there for hours! At some Games, they've even held hands or linked arms the entire time. That's dedication! China is like the prison on Arrested Development. No touching. But they look great!

Singer Leona Lewis rises from inside the bus. She's singing. Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin rises too. He's guitaring. You can't really hear the singing that well. London needs a better sound system. I guess since 80s is their theme, they're just holding up a ghetto blaster to sing the song. The grass part inside the bus looks a bit shitty, especially with its poor lighting. How is the guy in the wheelchair moving around so well? How did he get up on that platform? Back to the bus... It just doesn't seem to have been put together as well as it could have. Its David Backham! Why is he wearing so much baggy clothing? He stole the little girl's football and kicked it and a Chinese volunteer lady caught it.

The London presentation begins with a Cartoony video. Ooo, Pacman ghost graffiti-ing. Ottawa has those! Ottawa is hosting the next Olympics! Ok so I'm loving this video actually. There's a double decker bus in the stadium! It feels like you're on the street in London. Umbrellas, cyclists, dancers. They're waiting for the bus [which is a new high tech double decker it seems!]. Slow-mo dancing into the bus. But no, theres a girl coming out. They're acting like it never happened. A football. A girl walking on backs of men. She's back on the bus. These games will be so 80s. What the hell... The bus is coming apart. Showing grass. Apparently it means there will be grass in London even though its so industrial. Better get planting!

The flags are now leaving the stadium. Bye bye flags. You don't get to look like the United Nations anymore.

Beijing's mayor will hand over the Olympic flag [not the one that was just lowered. This one has fringe. It is called the Seoul Flag, which replaced the Antwerp Flag. I know these things.] The London mayor is named Borris Johnson. I think they called him Borris Yeltsin. He looks like Donald Trump. Who is this man? A charicature of everyone else? Jacques Rogge almost hit him with the flag. The Games officially belong to London. We see the people of London celebrating outside Buckingham Palace. They're kind of happy about it all.

Oh snap... I didn't realize that the Olympic flag was being lowered. It looks so wrinkle-free. Imagine ironing the Olympic flag and burning an iron imprint into it by accident? You'd be killed so fast. Ooo, fireworks in the shape of the Olympic rings. Cool!

Olympic anthem. It is lovely. Its always sung at such a high pitch that you wouldn't be able to think otherwise. If you sang a Metalica song at this pitch, it would sound like a hymn.

Raising the Union Jack. It seems that London sent its most multicultural choir to sing "God Save The Queen" in the most plain outfits ever. Which kind of suits what I've seen of their branding campaign. London, step it up!

Jacques: "These were truly exceptional games." You know that he would never say "Best Games Ever". Ugh. He said my favourite line in French. The "I call upon the youth of the world to assemble four years from now, in London" line. Jerk. Now I have to wait 4 more years to hear it in English!

Jacques: China and the world learned more about each other. Ouch. The Chinese are looking for Jacques to say "Best Games Ever". Will he?

Some lady hands Jacques Rogge his speech. Lets listen.

The Chinese guy said "One World. One Dream." in English. Then, the translator said "One World. One Dream." in English. Thanks.

The podium, shaped like an unfurling scroll, is creative. But its also ugly, and I would not give a speech from it. It looks too childish. Sorry Beijing.

The voice over for Liu Qi is doing a poor job of imitating his voice. All he's doing is translating. Psh.

Speech time. Liu Qi, the President of the Beijing Organizing Committee, and IOC President Jacques Rogge. Lets listen.

We are now raising the Greek Flag. There is clearly some artificial wind blowing the flags, as they all have the exact same flight pattern, and the Greek flag didn't start blowing until it reached the top of the flagpole. Their anthem is boring. Sorry Greece. *hugs*

We had another commercial, and now we're back. The Canadians are swarming Yao Ming, but they're doing it in Canadian fashion, which means they're not actually going up to him or talking to him. But they're getting close enough to take pictures "with him". I love it!

Time for the Kenyan national anthem. I don't care for it. It sounds like it was stolen straight from an adventurous Disney movie. I'm thinking of Pocahontas? Wow, I only added one extra letter to that name. Not bad. Thanks spell check!

The final medals will now be presented ... to the winners of the Men's Marathon which I watched last night. In Chinese time, that was this morning, and now its nighttime. The Men's Marathon, along with the Men's 100m dash, are the flagship events of the Olympics. The Marathon is what the Olympics were originally based around, so that's why they award this at the big Ceremony. It is special. Kenya won gold for the first time. Go Kenya!

I hate how CBC split screens. 50% of the screen is actually just a red background. Show me two large portions of actual things!

There was a commercial. I got more water. I've been pretty dehydrated. We have a split screen of the Shania Twain Drummers and the other half is 2 of the mens 8 rowing team who won gold, along with their coxswain who got a gold medal in yelling. Good for him. He's so tiny!

The CBC website is also live blogging. I read their blog of the Opening Ceremony as I worked that day [and watched the repeat broadcast that night] and I have to say, their blog sucked. Don't go there. Stay here.

Canada is on its way in. All the awful outfits together as one. The point of the walk in for the Closing Ceremony is that everyone comes in at random. But pretty much, Canada comes in together. I guess the massive contingents all do. And Canadians like to stick together.

10,500 athletes all think that blowing a kiss to the camera is appropriate. Now there are a lot of ladies drumming. They're wearing red leather outfits. Think Shania Twain circa 1994.

The athletes are running into the stadium. I congratulate every one of them! They deserve a party tonight.

The Chinese flag is in, and they are all being put in place. Think of the not-quite-full-circle of the Pacman body. That's their shape.

Karen Cockburn [see: Co-Burn. Ya right.] reminds me how ugly the Canadian Olympic outfits are. HBC is a bad clothing provider for our team. Send it back to Roots!

The announcers are saying that the flags are entering in order of Chinese Alphabet. There is no Chinese alphabet. They are actually entering based on the number of strokes of ink necessary to write the name of the country in Simplified Chinese. Learn your facts, broadcasters. There's Karen Cockburn with the Canadian flag. 3 medals in 3 consecutive Games. Good for her!

The flags of the 204 countries will now enter the stadium. That's the most ever. Unlike the Opening Ceremony, people and flags are paraded unceremoniously during the Closing. Its faster, which is really nice.

Now the ladies are center stage. Tightly packed in. Like a Beijing apartment building. Now people are bouncing around them on high tech moon boots. The trampolinists should use these things. Now the ladies are leaving and its creating a sun. Look away for two seconds and now they're the rings around Saturn or something.

Now men are riding on bicycles that are like a wheel of light that they are inside. It's all so crazy. But it is graceful.

Some bizarre contraptions have entered the Bird's Nest and it looks extremely Seussical. So we have a performance of cyclist drummers, lighted bell dancers, and Dr. Seuss characters. What is happening in China?

I was right. The ladies are called the Silver Bell Dancers. I'm awesome.

They're not bells. They're LED lights. The ladies are changing colours. And I don't think they've really had any formal dance training. The circle formation got even worse, but then there were fireworks and they lined up perfectly. Slight of hand at its best!

Ladies dancing and covered with bells. Their circle seems slightly misshapen. That will be trouble for them. Maybe death.

We're being treated to a montage of people running. Its a big over the top. Not athletes, just people. The people are going to Beijing. One World. One Dream. It's all so symbolic. I'm probably blogging way too much. Now men in gold and red are going to drum. They're dressed as cyclists. Odd.

They are raising the Chinese flag. I think their anthem is fantastic. It is so cheerful sounding, but its still one of those powerful militant anthems that I love. "Oh Canada" is nice, but its not as powerful as some.

The fireworks are insane. I think Beijing is being bombed. How are they even doing this?

I must say that these Olympics have been just about perfect. I've stayed awake way more than I should have. Ooo a 29 second countdown is starting. 29th Olympiad it is. Its showtime!

It is Sunday morning, just minutes before 8am. CBC is on my TV as it has been for 16 days. It's time for the Closing Ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. I'll be sitting here watching, so why not do something to keep myself awake? I'm going to sit here and live blog. Wont that be fun? Lets see if I can keep it up. I've got the Michael Special [two glasses of ice water, 4 cubes per glass, with lemon] and I'm ready to go. Good luck to me!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Electric Company

Things have gotten VERY boring at work. I've got 8 days to go, and in the past two days, the only work I've done is take two pictures. And that was on the first day. What the hell am I going to do for 8 more days?

Tomorrow there will be a going away lunch for Sherif. He is the other student, and is leaving a bit early so he can go home to Qatar for two weeks before school starts [he goes to school in Waterloo]. This is him:

The lunch is scheduled to take 90 minutes. That's 90 of the 30 minutes that I get for lunch. Hooray!

In other fun news at GE, Paresh, the other guy that works in Environmental Health and Safety handed in his two weeks notice today, and will be done on the same day as me. That means that EHS will go from 3 employees to 1 in a day. The one, the boss, happens to have not done a damn thing all summer. Good luck to him.

Paresh is leaving because he is way underpaid and under appreciated. The story goes that he will be moving back to Toronto to be with his family and live in the house he recently bought for them, and he will be owning a gas station. Good luck to him, I guess! But what a random switch! I hope it was planned out!

If you have any possible activities I can do during the next 8 days of boredom at work, please let me know. I beg you.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Flickr

Welcome, friends, to my first foray into the world of a Flickr slideshow. I took way more pictures than than would be humanly possible to blog the way I usually would, so I've decided to let you flick through them.

We start out with pictures on Friday night with Andrew, Jenny, Lindsay and I at Wal*Mart, then Jenny and Andrew and I went down to the Swinging Bridge and explored around. The rest of the pictures are from my weekend at my cousin's cottage. I kayaked for the first time, which was awesome [I'm afraid of swimming so this was a nice step to get me out in the water] and there were lots of lovely people at the cottage to enjoy haha.

So enjoy the plethora of pictures. In there, you may locate the one that I took as a repeat of my old profile picture. Those of you who pay close attention to my life will notice it. So, no one will notice it.

Also, with 9 days left of work, I have nothing at all left to do. Today I spent the entire day figuring out my plans to attend the Vancouver Olympics in 2010. Ticket applications begin on October 3, so I'll have to wrangle 700-1000 bucks for tickets. Thank you student loan. I'll have to wait a few months to buy my plane ticket since the airlines don't sell further in advance than that. I am excited. Some people dream of competing in the Olympics. I just want to be there.

Enjoy the photos!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Medals

Canada was lovingly tied with most of the world in the Olympic medal standings at a respectable 32nd place. But last night, we won THREE medals... one of each. 17th place and you know we'll move up! The Olympics are only half over. Congrats to the lovely men and women who started us off last night!

Instead of winning medals, I was out to Chinese food with Jenny, Lindsay and Andrew, who is here for the weekend. I made a massive mess of BRIGHT RED CHERRY SAUCE on the CROTCH OF MY BEIGE SHORTS. This happened BEFORE I TOOK MY FIRST BITE. Ugh. But later at Tim Horton's, Jenny spilled coffee on herself, so she's just as bad. lol

We also did some serious touring around in Wal*Mart, and then Jenny took us exploring down by the swinging bridge to a No Trespassing area [ooo rebellious]. I was a wussy little baby, because it was dark and creepy, and I thought there might be lions and tigers and bears [oh my!] [but seriously, there have been bears in town lately]. We saw a cat. Then there was lots of making fun of Michael being a wuss. Then something ran across Jenny's foot and into a hole, and I had never felt such a death grip on my arm. There was also screaming. Take that, Jenny!

Today, if Andrew ever friggin' wakes up [I've been awake for 3.5 hours, and HE is the early riser?] we are going to breakfast and then out to my cousin's cottage for the weekend. I took a million pictures last night and will take a million more this weekend, so get ready to look at 2 million pictures in the coming days. Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Cycle

366 days ago [thanks, leap year] I began this blog in an attempt to make my online presence work for once. See: The Rebirth.

This is the point where the cycle will start over.

A year ago, I was 4 days away from quitting my awful job at Best Western. As a friendly reminder of that, I got some messages yesterday from a girl who worked there with me... and still does. The poor thing.

Now, I have a good job at General Electric, and I shall NOT be quitting it on the spot and boarding a bus home. Well, I'm already home. And I drive to work.

But it truly is all starting over. Last year the 17th was a Friday, and Andrew and I spent that weekend at my cousin's cottage. This year, Friday will be the 15th [thanks for screwing up the consistency, calendar!] and Andrew will come up and we will go to my cousin's cottage. He will also meet some more of my Renfrew friends. 13.5 months together, maybe its about fucking time! :P

So get ready to compare year 2 to year 1, folks. I'll try not to repeat myself.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Top Five

I have so many blog stories rattling around in my head, but I'm only going to write one. But I'll give you a sneak peak at the other finalists, and you can create your own story based around them.

5. I am so done with my job. No, not ACTUALLY done, but I'm emotionally done. As if I still have 14 days left. Get me out of there!

4. I think I am getting strep throat. I'll find out tomorrow at the Arnprior Hospital, since the Renfrew Hospital treated me like shit today.

3. My sister is making my life a living hell. She's being the biggest [YOUR FAVOURITE EXPLETIVE HERE!] in the world. And I have to live with her for 18 more days. It literally makes me cry.

2. After waiting 4 hours in the Renfrew Hospital waiting room to get checked out for strep throat, I was treated so incredibly rudely by the doctor that I wasn't even able to stick around to be looking at. I left, I wrote a lengthy complaint, and I went home and cried.

If you've maybe noticed a theme, I've been crying a lot. I'm unhappy being in Renfrew at this point, and I'm here until the 29th. Thankfully Andrew will come visit this weekend. That's really all I have to look forward to right now.

1. Here we are... the winner. I didn't want to bitch too much about my personal life in one post, so I will bitch about a different Michael.

I am a huge fan of the Olympics. I look past the intense political bullshit of the IOC, and I forget the horrible human rights in China, because in the end, the Olympics are about the athletes and their stories. But tonight, I watched CBC's daily edition of The Olympian, which focuses on an athlete [often Canadian, but not always]. Tonight: Michael Phelps.

Now, I must give credit where it is due: Superfish is the best swimmer in the world, hands down. But multiple times during the segment, he is referred to as the greatest Olympian ever, by his coach and POSSIBLY himself, but don't quote me on that.

I have a big problem with this. I don't think that "the Greatest Olympian Ever" should be judged based on number of medals. Michael Phelps is in 8 events that last a couple of minutes each. So MAYBE he competes for half an hour during the games.

The winner of the triathlon puts in a couple hours of competition in one shot... the racers cover 51.5 kilometers of distance total [in the water, on a bike and then on foot]. Michael Phelps will cover about 4km in swimming in 7 days.

So I really don't think that Michael Phelps, or ANYONE, can be called the best Olympian ever. There is only one triathlon. There are 8 swimming races. If there was only one swimming race, then no one would care about Michael Phelps. If he's going to be the best swimmer in 5 of the races, well of course he's going to do well in all 8. Ya know?

Go Canada.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Oakdale

Between Renfrew and Arnprior, 14 minutes from my house [that is and always has been and always will be the exact figure], there are three model homes. They have been there for as long as I can remember, and are provided by Seahawk Homes. The third house is a boring basic house with blue siding. The second is a boring basic house with fake brick siding. But the third, dubbed "The Oakdale," is this beauty:

It is so nice and wooden and windowy. Now I'm not saying this is the nicest house in the world, but it is by far the nicest of the three houses at this particular corner on the highway.

Like I said, these houses have been there for many, many years. In 2003 [I don't know why, but that seems right] a company called Bonneville Homes built three of their own show houses about two minutes down the road [that's 16 minutes from my house]. Their houses are nicer. Also, they rotate their houses. In 5 years, there have been 7 houses there. Yes, I track these useless things.

With all this Bonneville Home up-to-date-ness, I've often wondered why the hell Seahawk Homes never get replaced.

Yesterday, there was some damage to my precious Oakdale.

Today, Oakdale is a cement platform.

Goodbye, Oakdale. I loved you. Quick and painless death, I guess.

The Seahawk website [which is based in Arnprior, which I did not know, and which produces both modular and custom built houses, which seems like quite the vast array of services] says that new houses are on their way in 2008. That's this year!

They better do justice to Oakdale. That's all I'm sayin'.

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Guest Blogger

My friends, it has come to my attention that poobomber wants to share his life through me. His comment on my previous post was long enough that I am turning it into a guest post on my blog, because you should all hear what he had to say. Also, it was so ridiculously long that it could have been a blog post in itself. Well now it is, boys and girls. By the way, this is being used without his permission, and I don't care. Enjoy!

Happy long weekend dude!

I went to the desert. Yep, there's a desert in Manitoba! Well kinda. There are sand dunes.

It was hot and sweaty and I got a big blood blister on the bottom of my left foot cause I was barefoot (which is a pity since my right foot might wash up ashore in BC soon and I'll need the left one). But it was cool anyways, lots of sand, but you have to walk a mile uphill on a path that's just sand, making it a good strenuous journey. Then when you get there all you can do is sit on the edge of the dunes, gasping, then turn around and go back because you're too tired to go any further.

Then we went and had pizza hut. I had spaghetti with meatballs. The meatballs were good, but the spaghetti was overdone by about 10 minutes, making it mushy like baby food. I hate that. I like mine al dente. And the waitress was lazy and never came around to give us the bill even when we left some not-so-subtle hints like putting the leftovers on the very edge of the table, stretching lots, looking at her, yelling at her, grabbing at her when she walked by, and finally I got up and punched her. Right off her feet. Kidding, I just went to the cashier and paid. Even she walked away when I went to pay. Um, "Hello? I'm right here. You just walked away and stood 5 feet away and stared at me the moment I came up here. Should I just go and not pay?" My companion enjoyed her stuffed-crust pizza immensely though, I even had a slice. But I only tipped a buck. I hate it when people suck at waiting tables, cause I'm still too guilty to NOT leave a tip, so I leave a tip and then feel like a sucker for leaving a tip. You know how that goes.

The day before yesterday, we laid around and watched TV and napped intermittently. It was raining and dull, so we made the best of it. Know what's great? Watching Ghost Hunters when it's dark and gloomy outside. And winning the lottery. Winning the lottery might be more exciting, but all I'd do with the money is go on international vacations and lay in the hotel rooms and watch Ghost Hunters anyways.

Today I'm kinda working since I deal with a lot of people in the US. But more or less I'm writing pointless blog entries as per usual. At some point I might nap.

Oh crap, you didn't ask me what I did this weekend, you just hoped I had a good weekend! Yes then, I did!

The Big Civ

Happy Civic Long Weekend everyone [in Canada]! My weekend was fairly quiet, but on Sunday, Momma, Darrell, Alison and I went out to mom's friend Connie's cottage. They were having a massive family cottage day [like 70 people] and we were invited because mom is basically their family.

I left home at 3:48. The others had gone earlier, and were spending the night. I didn't need that kind of commitment to someone else's family HAHA.

Alison avoided my camera as she normally does, because she can't just let anything be nice.

I put on my best new shirt for a grand photo op.

Little Mitchell was totally cute. I've known his mother for years, but I didn't meet the kid until he was 2 years old? Odd.

Hurds Lake is totally beautiful! And so close to Renfrew... who knew there were such nice things around? HAHA


This kid was so mischievious. He was 8, and he kept talking about this adult rated movies that he has seen, and then he was trying to ask his uncle about what the worst movie he's seen was, and he meant worst as in NOT SUITABLE FOR 8 YEAR OLDS [totally fishing for what he should try to see next] and THEN he was asking his uncle about playboy and if there is playgirl, and at this point his uncle told him the conversation was done LOL.

Momma and Connie. Woo!

Some cute little girl caught a cute little fish. Yay little girl!

So it was a fun day, and it makes me excited for a weekend of cottaging two weeks from now. I hope you all had a good long weekend!