Tuesday, July 8, 2008


More than a year after my first attempt, and 3 months after I applied the most recent time, I FINALLY got my credit card today. And what does that mean? It means I came home and did all the online shopping I wanted to! Woo! Note: I am not going to be a spending freak. These are all things that I wanted to buy but they required a credit card, and I have been waiting for them very patiently.

Now I have my Scene card trio, and I can collect points in every way possible. Yay free movies!

1. 2006 | Michael Roesler

After putting together my 2006 photo book a few months ago, I finally got to order it. You can click HERE to check out a 15 page preview, and you can buy it if you REALLY want to HAHA.

2. 2007 | Michael Roesler

I also ordered my 2007 book, which I just finished up last night. Click HERE.

3. Waiter Rant

Waiter from the fantastic blog Waiter Rant is publishing a book and it is going to be amazing. It comes out on July 18 and I'm super excited.

4. MVP on DVD

The fantastic CBC show that only lasted 13 episodes. Sad. I never got to see them all, but I definitely want to, and feel that it was good enough to buy. Yay!

5. G License Test

I booked my road test to get my full license. Wish me luck for July 24! Then I can enjoy all my roadly priveleges. Woo!


boredmando said...

oooo Those photo books are insanely awesome. Though you already knew that lol

Anonymous said...

I'm tempted to photoshop your license and make you into a terrorist - but instead, I will go have a poop.

minijonb said...

good luck on the test! you'll do fine.

i've been looking forward to the Waiter's book as well. it should be great.

boredmando said...

oooo when you do get your G, youll get the snazzy new card. Hopefully it won't be as brutal as my health card. God that was an awful picture.

Michael: I can't believe she got that driver's license renewed.
Gob: She didn't. I dummied her up a new one. Not my best work, though. She wanted to look 48. I nearly airbrushed her into oblivion. Ended up checking "albino" in the form.

i am playing outside said...

BAHAHAHAH thank you for including the AD quote because its SO TRUE.

i am also looking forward to the new card. and ive decided that in september, i will go for the new health card. bye bye red and white :( ... ill probably save it for memories though lol