Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Payback

In grade 9 or 10, I moved into my sister's old room [the phone jack, the cable connection, the fact that it was farther from my parents' room] and I was allowed to paint it however I wanted. I also ripped out the carpet because it was old and I am allergic to dust [it used to be hardcore].

I chose some bright colours, and I was allowed to do what I wanted to the floor since I wasn't getting a new one.

This is the hideousness that I did to the room.

These pictures were taken Monday night, after I cleared out everything but the TV and dresser. Tonight, the room was primed with two coats... ceiling, walls, trim. Tomorrow, I will rent a sander and sand down the floor. It is 108 year old hardwood, and I want it to be nice again. Then, I will paint the ceiling and trim white, the walls 'Smoke Grey' and then stain the floor a darkish red, then add some quarter round trim to finish it off. It will be gorgeous, and my mom will no longer despise the room HAHA.

Also, I got rid of a whole bunch of unwanted garbage, so there will be less crap in the room. Yay!

NOTE: In my defense, a red/orange/yellow room was still better than the turquoise room that my sister had in there before me, with the pink satin wallpaper on one wall, and the turquoise and pink floral border. But did I say pink? Cuz it gets worse: DUSTY. ROSE.

I'll update y'all on my progress!


The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

You were a young man with taste and vision. Those colors are actually not bad, although I can see where it is a bit overpowering in such a small space.

I'll be expecting some photos documenting "the reveal" as they say on HGTV.

Anonymous said...

It makes me imagine what Ronald's back private hooker room in a McDonald's brothel might look like after they discovered his dead corpse dressed in leather chaps and a ball gag in his mouth three days after he died.

Kinda fun actually, despite my vivid and absolutely not true from firsthand knowledge description.

i am playing outside said...

lady - i'm glad you understood where i was coming from. it was my first of 2 red rooms, and my new apartment shall have a red spare room. yay. there will be updates and a final reveal for sure. by the way, i watch so much HGTV its not even pathetic. it's worse than that.


minijonb said...

arrrgh... my eyes! my eyes! those walls just burned out my retinas!

Anonymous said...

I implore you to at least keep the super hero lettered M on the wall.

i am playing outside said...

the M is on the floor, and it will sadly bite the dust. however, i will always have the memories, and the little sketch from grade 10 Careers class [waste of life] that it was scaled from lol

Stacy said...

ha ha - you said dusty rose!!

can we see some updates soon.

Whiskeymarie said...

And I thought I was over the top with my teenage bedroom- giant white and multi-colored 80's checkerboard with matching curtains.

Dusty rose is my most hated color of all time. How odd that I have a "most hated color". Hmmm...