Monday, July 21, 2008

The Ergonomic Evaluation

Today at work, I was tasked with going through old ergonomic evaluations to make sure the forms and the computer files say the same things, since sometimes they were put in one place and not the other. Why there are two places, I do no know. Wasteful! Anyway, I came across this gem:

"Situation evaluated, data analyzed, and employee plugging behavior corrected, so that she is no longer sidebending and twisting her trunk and abducting her elbow."

Employee plugging? Trunk Twisting? And then her elbow is abducted? What kind of disturbing alien operation are we running? Maybe the article I read this morning about 800+ UFO sightings in Canada in 2007 had some credibility!

I jest.

But you know what is awesome? My two photo books that I made arrived today. They are incredible and I super love them. Just how awesome are they? I'll tell you. They are more awesome than if your mom made a big cherry cheese cake, on a Tuesday, just for the hell of it.

God, I wish that would happen.

But seriously, I am SO IMPRESSED by my books [and part of that credit does have to go to me, since its all in the design] but I think that if any of you are interested in photography at all, but you're sick of putting pictures in a boring old album, check out ... their program has lots of templates, although they are a bit limiting, so I suggest creating your perfect layouts in Photoshop and then plugging full pages into the program. And if you weigh the cost of buying a photo album and printing off your digital pictures, there's no difference in price when it comes to book making. Plus it is fun and totally personalized. And I absolutely love my books. 2006 and 2007 have been covered so far... so many years to go! HAHA


minijonb said...

that reminds me, i need to make my blog more ergonomic.

i am playing outside said...

try plugging your employees. it always helps. also, providing adjustable chairs for your readers is nice.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I would love to come across something like that in my data mining day.

When I used to do software support I thought it was fun to occasionally write random crap like that and see if anyone noticed. Nobody noticed.

I also used to add items to the public white board weekly to-do/goal list - so alongside items like Move Database A to Server 8, would be things like Twister Tournament and Show Us Your T*ts.

i am playing outside said...

BAHAHAHAHAH did anyone ever show their "T*ts" ?