Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Cars

This picture is stolen straight from Mando's blog. You should check it out in the right side link list. Boredmando. She has been my friend for 17 years, so you can maybe trust her.

The people at work talk about four things. One is the weather, another is plans for the weekend. Everyone talks about these things, not just the people at my work. Everywhere has weather, and most people get a weekend, or at least they get to bitch about working 7 days a week and having no weekend. Those people, I hug.

But the people at work talk about two other things constantly. They constantly talk about when each other works, what shift, how much overtime, what their wage is. They bitch about the people who skip working overtime on Saturday so that they can work on Sunday for double overtime pay. They bitch about these people because unlike their savvy colleagues, they are not smart enough to realize that on Sunday and holidays, they are going to make more overtime pay than on Saturday or Monday night.

The other thing the people talk about is each others vehicles. Every single day. Some of these people have worked together for 30 years, but they still feel a need to talk about their cars. Maybe its because the lunchroom looks out onto the employee parking lot so its an easy conversation starter, but they are obviously examining the staff parking lot closely as well. For example, I have been driving my dad's car for the past week rather than my mom's, since dad took his family to PEI. [Where the hell is MY trip to PEI? ... Oh wait, here it is...]

Cute. But back to the cars. This exchange occurred at lunch today, and I found it to be particularly ridiculous:

[Holly pulls up in a car]
Kenny [accusingly]: Holly, I thought you had a truck.
Holly: Uh ya, I do.
Kenny: Then why are you driving a car? Where the fuck did you get it?
Holly: It's my boyfriend's car, what does it matter?
Kenny: Then who owns that SUV? I thought you was yours.
Kerry: That's mine.
Kenny: When the hell did you get that?
Kerry: Over a year ago.
Kenny: I've never seen that here before.
Kenny: And how did you end up with your dad's car Michael?
Me: Uh, my dad left it for me while he's on vacation.
Kenny: Why? You have your mom's silver car.
Me: Uhh... I have chicken pox and diarrhea and leprosy and a massive thorn in my foot. I have to run away now.

So, that last line didn't happen, but about 10 people have asked me this week why I have my dad's car. It isn't even in the same lot as these people. Why are they scoping out the other cars? I just don't get it, y'all!

Tomorrow is finally my LAST 10 hour day of work. Then I'll have a 4-day weekend before I go back to my 19 remaining days of work before returning to Ottawa. Woo! I will not miss waking up at 6:07 aka 6:30 even though I have a 25 minute drive and 'start' at 7:00. LOL


boredmando said...


People at my old job would always talk about tv shows. Really crappy tv shows.

i am playing outside said...

i dont think people in Arnprior have TVs to talk about lol

boredmando said...

Oh yea, I TOTALLY love little Michaels hat lol

i am playing outside said...

i think its faded neon pink. pretty snazzy!

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Most of the people I work with have been there for a very long time and everyone already knows everyone else's business. Also they are mostly salaried so they don't give a crap about overtime.

Because I'm so new they seem to find me fascinating (did I spell that right?) and people I barely know end up asking me really weird personal-ish questions.

They also tease me about my "southern" accent. Whatever freaks, I'm from Ohio.

Enjoy your four day weekend and all the good stuff that's coming after you are done working at this place.

Oh - and you are adorable.

i am playing outside said...

you DID spell fascinating right. well done!

working is totally weird. people are so damn nosey. ok, im so nosey too. lol

Bec said...

you make me laugh mykl, hope you had fun at Tim Horton's parking lot last night. Lets meet there sometime and discuss cars!

i am playing outside said...

lol i was sitting in the tim hortons parking lot, because every couple of weeks, my dad's car does this thing where it takes 10 minutes to start, and it happened that time. i knew you'd think i was a freak HAHA