Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Big Show [pt.2]

Canada Day. Round 2. Parliament Hill show. VIP Section.

Dr. Draw started things off with the best electric guitar that was probably ever played. 1000 points for the awesome red coat.

DRUM! was next, and it was the best mix of cultures a group could ever have.

This girl was super smiley the entire time.

This guy was all Mr. Serious, but he made me want to learn how to play a drum.

This picture is of two people to hide the fact that I wanted a picture of the hot bagpiper.

Up next was Kevin Parent, with Jim Cuddy on his right. Yay!

Then Joel Plaskett Emergency. They were pretty good. Everyone was!

Serena Ryder. She was quiet LOL

Damien Robitaille. I liked his face. It was very interesting HAHA.

All we could see of the Peace Tower. Happy Canada Day, Peace Tower!

Pascale Picard Band chick-rocked it up nicely. 1000 points for her sweet fuzzy guitar strap.

Paul Brant was pretty good, but I was kind of pissed that [A] he dedicated a BREAKUP song to the TROOPS and [B] he did not stick around after to sing Oh Canada. That's terrible.

This crazy woman began by howling. Diane Dufrense, you are weird.

Blue Rodeo finally took the stage and it was awesome!

We rushed to the back of Parliament to see the fireworks, since the VIPs can't see them behind the stage.

After the fireworks, we went to the food tent which was an onslaught of insanity. We weren't near the food tables for quite some time, so I took it upon myself to drink 7 martinis. Finally, the government is giving me something good. ;)

Andrew's cousin Deanna and her kids [and her son's girlfriend] accompanied Andrew and I. They were a blast!

Deanna and Andrew.

Mackenzie is what I believe her name was. It was two days ago. How should I remember!?

By the time we were done eating, teardown had already begun. Happy Canada Day!

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