Monday, July 28, 2008

The Big Move

On Thursday night, I met Lindsay and Jenny in Ottawa. We went for dinner at the Heart and Crown [not to be confused with Renfrew's Crown and Kilt, which I just generally call the Heart and Crown and Kilt since I never remember where I am]. The atmosphere was loud, there was a horrible blind date going awry, and our food was incredible.

Why was the date going awry, you ask? Well, the chick ate the ENTIRE appetizer that they got to share. We watched. Awful!

Later, we went on one of Ottawa's Haunted Walks [Ghosts and Gallows... the tour of the ancient jail which still has its gallows set up, and is now used as a haunted hostel LOL]. It was fun, but it wasn't as good as the Walk I did in Quebec City a few years ago, and that one was in French! lol

On Friday I did some light shopping, and found amazing new boxer briefs at Old Navy. They don't move around! They just don't! And the patterns were fun enough. After that trial pair, I bought 3 more on Sunday haha. That night, Andrew and I enjoyed some lovely pizza, and went shopping at IKEA where we found the most perfect shelving unit for our DVDs. His cabinet is super fugly, so we want something new.

Saturday, after little sleep, we woke up early and ate Starbucks breakfast sandwiches which were totally delicious, and then we grabbed the U-Haul van and loaded it up so I could get the hell out of Lees. Bye Tim. I'll Facebook message you about any final bills that show up.

Moving happened in a very fast 3 hours and it was super exhausting. In the end, I only drove the U-Haul 17km, which was awesome since part of the cost is pay-by-kilometer. So then we ended up with a living room full of my life, and we sorted out like 85% of it, but then Andrew was too tired to continue. I'm the type that would have pressed on, but he didn't seem concerned about the mess and not getting it done, so that's cool HAHA.

Sunday, we had our usual awesome Sunday brunch at the baguette place [where the awesome guy was back, but he seemed to be off his game] and then we looked around the market for other possible DVD cabinets and fun furniture [best red leather chair on earth] but nothing was good, so in a few weeks we will get the IKEA one. Yay!

I have three more 10-hour days of work, then a 4 day weekend to celebrate them being finished. Yay! Then 19 regular days of work before I move in with Andrew. The big step. *Runs screaming into the night* LOL


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the pre move-in exorcism and blessing!

Tips to remember before moving in:

-Remember to do the exorcism BEFORE you move the Ikea furniture in. This will eliminate any residual hauntings by Swedish lumberjacks, unless you guys think you might LIKE Swedish lumberjacks.

-It has to be an exorcism by a Catholic priest, as they own the market on paranormal cleansing.

-The blessing can done by a baptist or a rabbi or Buddhist, but make sure they get the corners good. I prefer using a 7th Day Adventist for my move-in blessings, they seem to pay attention to the little details more.

-Make sure to settle on types of air fresheners beforehand, you guys don't want to be disagreeing on the key issues, like Febreeze vs. Glade.

i am playing outside said...

i already snuck some Febreeze in. uh oh!

poobomber, ive started seeing your comments on CBC news stories. i take it your job is as boring as mine? i don't miss a CBC story LOL

Anonymous said...

Yes! I've taken to being an ass over at CBC. My goal is to anger as many conservative, liberal, maritime, prairie, Albertan, Inuit, Catholic, Buddhist, gay, straight, leprous, non-leprous, drunk, sober, sad, happy, people as I can!

Errr, wait, this other poobomber is an impostor! How dare they use my moniker?

i am playing outside said...

actually, they've just been using your monocle. what a classy conversation piece at parties! and you KNOW taht CBC news has the best parties!

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

How exciting! A shack-up. I'm sending you my best vibes as a house warming gift.

I'm with Andrew - take the unpacking thing slowly and saving my engery for the more important activities. Make sure you unpack the TV first.