Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The 141st Canada Day [pt.1]

As you all should know, yesterday was the 141st birthday of the most red and white county in the world! [Take THAT Switzerland!].

I was in Ottawa on Monday night to celebrate my anniversary with Andrew. He gave me a claddagh ring. That boy has an amazing memory. I don't think he could have given me anything better hehe. Of course, when the ring box came out, I just about shit myself. But he knows the rules... not til I'm done school HAHA.

Tuesday after brunch, we headed on downtown on a moderately crowded bus and got off at Rideau. The crowd begins.

Rideau Street was packed. We saw a terriblely unfunny street performer there. Poor guy took half an hour to do his ONE trick.

Wellington was packed...

And here is Rideau again from the other angle. Really, the first picture was just to get that sign in there.

Likewise, Sparks Street was insanely busy. Here, we watched two really good performers who did hand stands 20 feet in the air on a ladder that was just being held up by crowd members holding 4 ropes. They were STRONG.

We took a stroll down to the locks of the Rideau Canal and watched some boats come and go. This is me, clearly.

Andrew is constantly fascinated by the locks. I was fascinated by how pathetic all four employees seemed to be. Poor guys did have to work while thousands of people gawked though. Like us!

Here is some lock action happening.

It is totally bedtime since we were out late and then I worked all day. I will be back tomorrow with scenes from the evening, from the VIP section of the Parliament Hill show.

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