Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Emergency Post

Oh my god. 2 minutes until August and I have not met my quota of a minimum 10 posts per month. This is a short ones boys and girls. I took this awful picture of me at work today. I wanted a redo to get machines in the background, but the batteries died. Oh well. See you in August!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Cars

This picture is stolen straight from Mando's blog. You should check it out in the right side link list. Boredmando. She has been my friend for 17 years, so you can maybe trust her.

The people at work talk about four things. One is the weather, another is plans for the weekend. Everyone talks about these things, not just the people at my work. Everywhere has weather, and most people get a weekend, or at least they get to bitch about working 7 days a week and having no weekend. Those people, I hug.

But the people at work talk about two other things constantly. They constantly talk about when each other works, what shift, how much overtime, what their wage is. They bitch about the people who skip working overtime on Saturday so that they can work on Sunday for double overtime pay. They bitch about these people because unlike their savvy colleagues, they are not smart enough to realize that on Sunday and holidays, they are going to make more overtime pay than on Saturday or Monday night.

The other thing the people talk about is each others vehicles. Every single day. Some of these people have worked together for 30 years, but they still feel a need to talk about their cars. Maybe its because the lunchroom looks out onto the employee parking lot so its an easy conversation starter, but they are obviously examining the staff parking lot closely as well. For example, I have been driving my dad's car for the past week rather than my mom's, since dad took his family to PEI. [Where the hell is MY trip to PEI? ... Oh wait, here it is...]

Cute. But back to the cars. This exchange occurred at lunch today, and I found it to be particularly ridiculous:

[Holly pulls up in a car]
Kenny [accusingly]: Holly, I thought you had a truck.
Holly: Uh ya, I do.
Kenny: Then why are you driving a car? Where the fuck did you get it?
Holly: It's my boyfriend's car, what does it matter?
Kenny: Then who owns that SUV? I thought you was yours.
Kerry: That's mine.
Kenny: When the hell did you get that?
Kerry: Over a year ago.
Kenny: I've never seen that here before.
Kenny: And how did you end up with your dad's car Michael?
Me: Uh, my dad left it for me while he's on vacation.
Kenny: Why? You have your mom's silver car.
Me: Uhh... I have chicken pox and diarrhea and leprosy and a massive thorn in my foot. I have to run away now.

So, that last line didn't happen, but about 10 people have asked me this week why I have my dad's car. It isn't even in the same lot as these people. Why are they scoping out the other cars? I just don't get it, y'all!

Tomorrow is finally my LAST 10 hour day of work. Then I'll have a 4-day weekend before I go back to my 19 remaining days of work before returning to Ottawa. Woo! I will not miss waking up at 6:07 aka 6:30 even though I have a 25 minute drive and 'start' at 7:00. LOL

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Big Move

On Thursday night, I met Lindsay and Jenny in Ottawa. We went for dinner at the Heart and Crown [not to be confused with Renfrew's Crown and Kilt, which I just generally call the Heart and Crown and Kilt since I never remember where I am]. The atmosphere was loud, there was a horrible blind date going awry, and our food was incredible.

Why was the date going awry, you ask? Well, the chick ate the ENTIRE appetizer that they got to share. We watched. Awful!

Later, we went on one of Ottawa's Haunted Walks [Ghosts and Gallows... the tour of the ancient jail which still has its gallows set up, and is now used as a haunted hostel LOL]. It was fun, but it wasn't as good as the Walk I did in Quebec City a few years ago, and that one was in French! lol

On Friday I did some light shopping, and found amazing new boxer briefs at Old Navy. They don't move around! They just don't! And the patterns were fun enough. After that trial pair, I bought 3 more on Sunday haha. That night, Andrew and I enjoyed some lovely pizza, and went shopping at IKEA where we found the most perfect shelving unit for our DVDs. His cabinet is super fugly, so we want something new.

Saturday, after little sleep, we woke up early and ate Starbucks breakfast sandwiches which were totally delicious, and then we grabbed the U-Haul van and loaded it up so I could get the hell out of Lees. Bye Tim. I'll Facebook message you about any final bills that show up.

Moving happened in a very fast 3 hours and it was super exhausting. In the end, I only drove the U-Haul 17km, which was awesome since part of the cost is pay-by-kilometer. So then we ended up with a living room full of my life, and we sorted out like 85% of it, but then Andrew was too tired to continue. I'm the type that would have pressed on, but he didn't seem concerned about the mess and not getting it done, so that's cool HAHA.

Sunday, we had our usual awesome Sunday brunch at the baguette place [where the awesome guy was back, but he seemed to be off his game] and then we looked around the market for other possible DVD cabinets and fun furniture [best red leather chair on earth] but nothing was good, so in a few weeks we will get the IKEA one. Yay!

I have three more 10-hour days of work, then a 4 day weekend to celebrate them being finished. Yay! Then 19 regular days of work before I move in with Andrew. The big step. *Runs screaming into the night* LOL

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Ergonomic Evaluation

Today at work, I was tasked with going through old ergonomic evaluations to make sure the forms and the computer files say the same things, since sometimes they were put in one place and not the other. Why there are two places, I do no know. Wasteful! Anyway, I came across this gem:

"Situation evaluated, data analyzed, and employee plugging behavior corrected, so that she is no longer sidebending and twisting her trunk and abducting her elbow."

Employee plugging? Trunk Twisting? And then her elbow is abducted? What kind of disturbing alien operation are we running? Maybe the article I read this morning about 800+ UFO sightings in Canada in 2007 had some credibility!

I jest.

But you know what is awesome? My two photo books that I made arrived today. They are incredible and I super love them. Just how awesome are they? I'll tell you. They are more awesome than if your mom made a big cherry cheese cake, on a Tuesday, just for the hell of it.

God, I wish that would happen.

But seriously, I am SO IMPRESSED by my books [and part of that credit does have to go to me, since its all in the design] but I think that if any of you are interested in photography at all, but you're sick of putting pictures in a boring old album, check out ... their program has lots of templates, although they are a bit limiting, so I suggest creating your perfect layouts in Photoshop and then plugging full pages into the program. And if you weigh the cost of buying a photo album and printing off your digital pictures, there's no difference in price when it comes to book making. Plus it is fun and totally personalized. And I absolutely love my books. 2006 and 2007 have been covered so far... so many years to go! HAHA

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Reveal

Sorry I didn't get around to showing any updates, but I worked hard at finishing my room all week long, and just got everything back in place minutes ago.

Refer to my previous post if you want to remember just how horrible the room was before.

The old floor. Nice, no? Looking at this picture, I can't believe I lived like this for years lol. Sadly, my computer chair will likely wear down the new paint in that same spot. Oh well, there's more in the can.

The new floor. You can still just barely see them M, which I like haha.

Here's a good shot of the floor/walls, to show the colour.

Here's some of my crap.

Here's the rest of my crap. Do you like my clever dresser-turned-desk? It works well!

I got rid of another garbage bag of stuff while moving my things back into the room, so that makes a total of 3 garbages bags gone, plus 12 big puzzles/games sent to the Salvation Army. Look at me cleaning up! HEHE

UPDATE: My mother has arrived home after not seeing the room since Friday morning. She was blown away. Chalk that up to another renovation success for Michael! You can hire me for the right price ;)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Payback

In grade 9 or 10, I moved into my sister's old room [the phone jack, the cable connection, the fact that it was farther from my parents' room] and I was allowed to paint it however I wanted. I also ripped out the carpet because it was old and I am allergic to dust [it used to be hardcore].

I chose some bright colours, and I was allowed to do what I wanted to the floor since I wasn't getting a new one.

This is the hideousness that I did to the room.

These pictures were taken Monday night, after I cleared out everything but the TV and dresser. Tonight, the room was primed with two coats... ceiling, walls, trim. Tomorrow, I will rent a sander and sand down the floor. It is 108 year old hardwood, and I want it to be nice again. Then, I will paint the ceiling and trim white, the walls 'Smoke Grey' and then stain the floor a darkish red, then add some quarter round trim to finish it off. It will be gorgeous, and my mom will no longer despise the room HAHA.

Also, I got rid of a whole bunch of unwanted garbage, so there will be less crap in the room. Yay!

NOTE: In my defense, a red/orange/yellow room was still better than the turquoise room that my sister had in there before me, with the pink satin wallpaper on one wall, and the turquoise and pink floral border. But did I say pink? Cuz it gets worse: DUSTY. ROSE.

I'll update y'all on my progress!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Free Fridays

Today I found out that for the next four weeks, I will only have to work 4 days each week. Awesome.

For the next three weeks, the plant will go through its annual shutdown, which closes the plant for maintenance, any remodeling [two new offices] and so the employees who often work up to 60 hours a week can have a nice paid vacation. For us office staff, we still have to work, but it will be 4 10-hour days rather than 5 8.5-hour days. This means I'll be paid for my lunches for three weeks! Awesome!

The week after that, we have the Monday off for the Civic holiday. That means 2 three-day weekends and then a four-day weekend, without missing out on any pay! Awesome!

Also, tomorrow there is a big FREE steak BBQ in celebration of the shutdown, and every Thursday during the shutdown, there will be free lunch. That's 4 free lunches! Woo! HAHA

I can't wait to enjoy my special days off. AND I will save like 40 bucks by not driving to work those days! Yay!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


More than a year after my first attempt, and 3 months after I applied the most recent time, I FINALLY got my credit card today. And what does that mean? It means I came home and did all the online shopping I wanted to! Woo! Note: I am not going to be a spending freak. These are all things that I wanted to buy but they required a credit card, and I have been waiting for them very patiently.

Now I have my Scene card trio, and I can collect points in every way possible. Yay free movies!

1. 2006 | Michael Roesler

After putting together my 2006 photo book a few months ago, I finally got to order it. You can click HERE to check out a 15 page preview, and you can buy it if you REALLY want to HAHA.

2. 2007 | Michael Roesler

I also ordered my 2007 book, which I just finished up last night. Click HERE.

3. Waiter Rant

Waiter from the fantastic blog Waiter Rant is publishing a book and it is going to be amazing. It comes out on July 18 and I'm super excited.

4. MVP on DVD

The fantastic CBC show that only lasted 13 episodes. Sad. I never got to see them all, but I definitely want to, and feel that it was good enough to buy. Yay!

5. G License Test

I booked my road test to get my full license. Wish me luck for July 24! Then I can enjoy all my roadly priveleges. Woo!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Big Show [pt.2]

Canada Day. Round 2. Parliament Hill show. VIP Section.

Dr. Draw started things off with the best electric guitar that was probably ever played. 1000 points for the awesome red coat.

DRUM! was next, and it was the best mix of cultures a group could ever have.

This girl was super smiley the entire time.

This guy was all Mr. Serious, but he made me want to learn how to play a drum.

This picture is of two people to hide the fact that I wanted a picture of the hot bagpiper.

Up next was Kevin Parent, with Jim Cuddy on his right. Yay!

Then Joel Plaskett Emergency. They were pretty good. Everyone was!

Serena Ryder. She was quiet LOL

Damien Robitaille. I liked his face. It was very interesting HAHA.

All we could see of the Peace Tower. Happy Canada Day, Peace Tower!

Pascale Picard Band chick-rocked it up nicely. 1000 points for her sweet fuzzy guitar strap.

Paul Brant was pretty good, but I was kind of pissed that [A] he dedicated a BREAKUP song to the TROOPS and [B] he did not stick around after to sing Oh Canada. That's terrible.

This crazy woman began by howling. Diane Dufrense, you are weird.

Blue Rodeo finally took the stage and it was awesome!

We rushed to the back of Parliament to see the fireworks, since the VIPs can't see them behind the stage.

After the fireworks, we went to the food tent which was an onslaught of insanity. We weren't near the food tables for quite some time, so I took it upon myself to drink 7 martinis. Finally, the government is giving me something good. ;)

Andrew's cousin Deanna and her kids [and her son's girlfriend] accompanied Andrew and I. They were a blast!

Deanna and Andrew.

Mackenzie is what I believe her name was. It was two days ago. How should I remember!?

By the time we were done eating, teardown had already begun. Happy Canada Day!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The 141st Canada Day [pt.1]

As you all should know, yesterday was the 141st birthday of the most red and white county in the world! [Take THAT Switzerland!].

I was in Ottawa on Monday night to celebrate my anniversary with Andrew. He gave me a claddagh ring. That boy has an amazing memory. I don't think he could have given me anything better hehe. Of course, when the ring box came out, I just about shit myself. But he knows the rules... not til I'm done school HAHA.

Tuesday after brunch, we headed on downtown on a moderately crowded bus and got off at Rideau. The crowd begins.

Rideau Street was packed. We saw a terriblely unfunny street performer there. Poor guy took half an hour to do his ONE trick.

Wellington was packed...

And here is Rideau again from the other angle. Really, the first picture was just to get that sign in there.

Likewise, Sparks Street was insanely busy. Here, we watched two really good performers who did hand stands 20 feet in the air on a ladder that was just being held up by crowd members holding 4 ropes. They were STRONG.

We took a stroll down to the locks of the Rideau Canal and watched some boats come and go. This is me, clearly.

Andrew is constantly fascinated by the locks. I was fascinated by how pathetic all four employees seemed to be. Poor guys did have to work while thousands of people gawked though. Like us!

Here is some lock action happening.

It is totally bedtime since we were out late and then I worked all day. I will be back tomorrow with scenes from the evening, from the VIP section of the Parliament Hill show.