Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Mini Putt

Sorry again for the week between posts. I've just been so busy :( I don't even know if I'll make my rule of 10 posts minimum per month! Terrible!

This past weekend, I went to Ottawa, where I met my new friend Yanik. We played mini putt and went shopping. I was too slow taking this picture, and he didn't even actually take the picture of me.

This picture is the only proof that we were actually in the same country that day HAHA. Note the first time I've ever worn white OR pink lol.

On Sunday, Andrew and I saw this little baby duckie, as well as others.

There was a daddy duckie, but the mommy duckie was being lazy and sunbathing. Bad mommy duckie!

Then we met Amanda and went to the National Art Gallery to see their 1930s exhibit which was part awesome and part disturbing. And part naked. Note the seemingly-alone baby in the stroller lol.

Andrew also got attacked by the spider, Maman.

This picture is proof that Andrew was there with me. There is no proof that Amanda's sunburn-skin-peeling arms were there.

Work has been super slow this week. They having nothing for me to do. I sit there and watch the clock and read about horrible weather events in the U.S. while the rain pours day after day here. Oh what fun!


mando said...

Bring a book with you! If someone comes by, just tell them you were on break.

Or a Sudoku puzzle. Just one, because then if someone comes by, you can slyly (bahah yes!) cover it with other papers.

Do you get cbc? The distraction stories are great.

Back in my days of being employed, I would double or even triple check things, which killed lots of time. I had so many highlighted spreadsheets, all with the same information. It was great.

i am playing outside said...

i already have like 5 different spreadsheets im always in, and an online program, and GE has a constant news feed and i read it all! what else can i do!

minijonb said...

i have to like "mini-putt" since it's part of my name.

i am playing outside said...

you should like it for the sheer joy it brings!