Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Lazy Weekend

I have been doing way too much lately, and too burnt out, so this weekend was a very lazy weekend. I planned to do NOTHING.

Of course, you can't always do what you plan, so Friday night I went to Tim Hortons with Lindsay and Jenny. Not too strenuous. Then, we saw a ton of flashing lights uptown [see: something to do in Renfrew] so we checked it out and some idiot had [probably drunkenly] driven his truck up onto the sidewalk and destroyed the front of his truck on a light pole. Idiot. Then we walked up the street and had a drink and then went home. That wasn't too strenuous, but it will still doing something on my weekend of doing nothing.

The yesterday, I mowed the lawn which got very long thanks to the million gallons of rain we had lately. That was more strenuous than Tim Hortons and accident sightings.

But today, the most difficult thing I did was make a sandwich. Yay! I may have to make supper if my mom doesn't come home soon. Damn her! lol

6 days ago at work, I found these pictures on the computer. The email finally got to me today. Weird.

This image is just horrifying.

This is what they do at work. They take these big long tubes...

Then they turn them into extremely long, small tubes, like the one shown inside the big tube, and then they cut them into pieces that are about 2 feet long. Fun!

I also found this picture of my dad and some woman who doesn't work there any more, and Charlie. They do a final inspection and cleaning of the tubes. Woo!

Sorry guys, that's all I've got today.


Anonymous said...

Charlie looks like he could take a punch.

Your dad looks like he could give a punch.

The woman that doesn't work there looks like she could drink some punch.

Speaking of punch, happy Monday!

i am playing outside said...

bahahaha i just howled with laughter. well done, good man.

charlie isnt that fat, or isnt anymore. the calendar tells me that pic was taken in february 2006, so maybe he lost some weight. good for him! lol ... i think he also lost that sweatshirt and gold chain. good for him!