Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Calls

Recently, I have learned the joys of having a phone on my desk at work and using it for my own personal benefit LOL.

In my eternal quest for a credit card [specifically the one that will get me more free movies, and shall complete my SCENE card trio], I have been calling the bank like ten times a day because i HATE Scotiabank and they have been fucking me around for the past month and a half about this damn card. They said I should call back Friday because it is in the final stages. Final stages takes 3 days? Just give me the fucking card so I can buy things online!

The second thing I've been on the phone about is school. First it was to get my last two courses registered, and now I feel that I should call and get them to look at the courses I've taken and will be taken to make sure that I've done everything right and I'll actually graduate [in like 50 weeks! woo!].

Finally, I need to call Revenue Canada because they took $237 away from my tax refund because they say 'I owed them' but they have never told me that I owed them before, and as a student who hasn't made that much money in the summers, I shouldn't owe them a cent. My dad will bring my tax forms to me at work tomorrow so I can yell at the government and get my monies.

I hate talking on the phone, but I sure like having something to do at work! [Which was totally busy all day WITHOUT making phone calls. It was great!]


Stacy said...

show me the monies!

you get 'em friend.

boredmando said...

Oh Revenue Canada, how I miss you.

Hoorah for having work to do!

My lovely friend Morgan is trying to get me hired at her place of work. Please wish her luck lol

i am playing outside said...

good luck Morgan! lol

Stacy, I will show you all the monies, but you will be disappointed. Still, you will be kept behind a thick piece of glass while the monies are on display! haha

Anonymous said...

I think Revenue Canada deserves a hot poker in the arse.

However, who's going to be brave enough to do THAT? Have you ever gone down to Revenue Canada and saw them all in person? Ewww. These are NOT the people I masturbate to.

Anyways, what works for me is not filing taxes for 3 years in a row. I keep moving too. Just when they think they're on to me, whoops, I move to another province.

And because they can never track me down, a few years later I'm bound to get a refund and then hey, we're all square!

Also, never ever never feel bad about using the work phone for personal reasons. Studies show happier employees are awesome, and obviously no one likes working with a grumpy guy who is having problems getting a credit card to buy blow up dolls to relieve his tension. They'll thank you in the end.