Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Calls: Update

So today I checked my bank account to send some monies to a special someone whose job just started but he has no monies so he needed some loaner monies and I had that. What did I see in my account listings? OH YES. A CREDIT CARD!

Now I just need the damn thing in the mail.

As for the Revenue Canada thing, that goes back to Krista Balsom, the stupid BITCH I lived with last year. It seems that the government wanted some proof of my apartment dwelling, and she threw out letters to me in October AND January, even though I was asking to make sure there was no mail for me. If I can get the proof of the apartment to the government, they will give my $280 back, but FUCKING BITCH. YOU AT LEAST RETURN TO SENDER THAT SHIT!

And now I sleep.


boredmando said...

Have you been getting your GST cheques? Or do they get send to your moms?

i am playing outside said...

They are just so small that i didn't notice them being deposited LOL

boredmando said...

you get them automatically deposited? mine come in the mail

i am playing outside said...

im older so i know all the tricks HAHA

boredmando said...

bahaha, ok mr. dinosaur