Monday, June 30, 2008

The First Year

Today is Andrew and Michael's first anniversary of the being together... and it was a 366 day year so we did extra well! Woo! I'm off to Ottawa after work to celebrate that as well as the birth of this fine country that I personally like to call Canada. Enjoy the red and white everyone... see you on Parliament Hill!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Wall-E

Last night, I went with Mando and Schelly to see Wall-E and it was SO GOOD. I was totally concerned that it was going to be bad, especially since a movie with minimal talking SHOU:D suck, but it was great! How has Pixar never failed yet? I even liked the short at the beginning of the movie!

I suggest that you all go see it... not not like a 'kids' movie... its just a movie lol.

After that [and after we got our SWEET free Wall-E watches] we walked to Tim Hortons where I didn't get anything for like the first time ever. I was all filled up on M&Ms. lol

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Calls: Update

So today I checked my bank account to send some monies to a special someone whose job just started but he has no monies so he needed some loaner monies and I had that. What did I see in my account listings? OH YES. A CREDIT CARD!

Now I just need the damn thing in the mail.

As for the Revenue Canada thing, that goes back to Krista Balsom, the stupid BITCH I lived with last year. It seems that the government wanted some proof of my apartment dwelling, and she threw out letters to me in October AND January, even though I was asking to make sure there was no mail for me. If I can get the proof of the apartment to the government, they will give my $280 back, but FUCKING BITCH. YOU AT LEAST RETURN TO SENDER THAT SHIT!

And now I sleep.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Calls

Recently, I have learned the joys of having a phone on my desk at work and using it for my own personal benefit LOL.

In my eternal quest for a credit card [specifically the one that will get me more free movies, and shall complete my SCENE card trio], I have been calling the bank like ten times a day because i HATE Scotiabank and they have been fucking me around for the past month and a half about this damn card. They said I should call back Friday because it is in the final stages. Final stages takes 3 days? Just give me the fucking card so I can buy things online!

The second thing I've been on the phone about is school. First it was to get my last two courses registered, and now I feel that I should call and get them to look at the courses I've taken and will be taken to make sure that I've done everything right and I'll actually graduate [in like 50 weeks! woo!].

Finally, I need to call Revenue Canada because they took $237 away from my tax refund because they say 'I owed them' but they have never told me that I owed them before, and as a student who hasn't made that much money in the summers, I shouldn't owe them a cent. My dad will bring my tax forms to me at work tomorrow so I can yell at the government and get my monies.

I hate talking on the phone, but I sure like having something to do at work! [Which was totally busy all day WITHOUT making phone calls. It was great!]

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Lazy Weekend

I have been doing way too much lately, and too burnt out, so this weekend was a very lazy weekend. I planned to do NOTHING.

Of course, you can't always do what you plan, so Friday night I went to Tim Hortons with Lindsay and Jenny. Not too strenuous. Then, we saw a ton of flashing lights uptown [see: something to do in Renfrew] so we checked it out and some idiot had [probably drunkenly] driven his truck up onto the sidewalk and destroyed the front of his truck on a light pole. Idiot. Then we walked up the street and had a drink and then went home. That wasn't too strenuous, but it will still doing something on my weekend of doing nothing.

The yesterday, I mowed the lawn which got very long thanks to the million gallons of rain we had lately. That was more strenuous than Tim Hortons and accident sightings.

But today, the most difficult thing I did was make a sandwich. Yay! I may have to make supper if my mom doesn't come home soon. Damn her! lol

6 days ago at work, I found these pictures on the computer. The email finally got to me today. Weird.

This image is just horrifying.

This is what they do at work. They take these big long tubes...

Then they turn them into extremely long, small tubes, like the one shown inside the big tube, and then they cut them into pieces that are about 2 feet long. Fun!

I also found this picture of my dad and some woman who doesn't work there any more, and Charlie. They do a final inspection and cleaning of the tubes. Woo!

Sorry guys, that's all I've got today.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Mini Putt

Sorry again for the week between posts. I've just been so busy :( I don't even know if I'll make my rule of 10 posts minimum per month! Terrible!

This past weekend, I went to Ottawa, where I met my new friend Yanik. We played mini putt and went shopping. I was too slow taking this picture, and he didn't even actually take the picture of me.

This picture is the only proof that we were actually in the same country that day HAHA. Note the first time I've ever worn white OR pink lol.

On Sunday, Andrew and I saw this little baby duckie, as well as others.

There was a daddy duckie, but the mommy duckie was being lazy and sunbathing. Bad mommy duckie!

Then we met Amanda and went to the National Art Gallery to see their 1930s exhibit which was part awesome and part disturbing. And part naked. Note the seemingly-alone baby in the stroller lol.

Andrew also got attacked by the spider, Maman.

This picture is proof that Andrew was there with me. There is no proof that Amanda's sunburn-skin-peeling arms were there.

Work has been super slow this week. They having nothing for me to do. I sit there and watch the clock and read about horrible weather events in the U.S. while the rain pours day after day here. Oh what fun!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Sandals

The other day, I bought a pair of flip flops. They are the first sandals I've owned in about 10 years. I hate feet, but that has finally been overcome by my hatred for the boiling weather. Last night I walked an hour in them and they blistered the bottoms of my feet for sure. Jerks!

I've been so exhausted lately due to the heat. Not blogging takes less energy than blogging, so I haven't been here lol.

No no real reason, here are some pictures I had to take at work the other day. Oh so industrial. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Sighting

I have been summoned to tell you all that today while I was driving my mother so she could give blood, and I happened upon Natasha [who never comments anymore, by the way] and we chatted for a few moments. Apparently she had been trying to sleep while some sort of army/police/fire vehicle convention was going on and children were honking horns and shooting cannons and stealing tanks and cruisers left, right and center.

Natasha was annoyed by such noises, and chose to yell at the nice little army mans. That sure showed them!

Tonight I went to supper at my dad's which was lovely, but I got roped into staying about an hour longer than I wanted. Boo!

Tomorrow I only have 4 hours of work, which is awesome, because I worked extra time on Tuesday. After those 4 hours, I'll already be done 4/16 weeks [see: 25%] of my time there. Crazy!

Did I tell you I'm writing a book in the times that I'm bored at work? It is going to suck. And its only like 2.5 pages so far. And I don't know how it is supposed to get longer. LOL I don't have time to READ a book, let alone write one.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Relay For Life

The past several days have been crazy busy. Friday night was the 12 hour Relay For Life which was a pile of fun, regardless of the fact that it rained and was windy all night long. Pictures below!

Saturday morning, I went to bed at 7:30 and then woke up at 2pm on the nose. I relaxed for a few hours before heading to the CLOSED liquor store [6:30pm. WHAT?] and then to Lindsay's where I had to scam some booze for our rainy indoor BBQ and partay. Then we walked in the rain to the bar where I was really tired and the booze didn't help.

Sunday morning, we went to breakfast at the Steppin' Back Diner [see: Stuff'em Back Diner] for the first time in my life. It was delicious enough. Then I headed to Ottawa to hang out with Andrew. A friend gave him free tickets in the 8th row for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, which is totally my favourite musical now, and was SO HILARIOUS. I can't even explain the hilarity. It also had a good dose of audience participation which is great!

Monday I worked, and today I worked 12 hours [see: starting your day at 5:50am when you'd rather be ending your day at that time] and it was long and horrible. 4 whole hours to myself between work and bed. Isn't that fun.

I didn't sleep much any night. I'm so tired. Here are pictures. I'm going to let you name the people yourself!

The Check In

Sorry guys, I haven't been neglectful... I keep thinking of you all, but I've been way too busy and way too sleepless to post. I'm working 12 hours today so that just makes things suck too. Maybe I'll see if I can post from work [risky. maybe i'll just write the post lol]. Don't forget about me! lol