Friday, May 23, 2008

The Security

On Wednesday night, I got a call to go for drinks at the lovely Crown & Kilt

with Jenny and Lindsay

and Rebecca.

Attached to the ROcky MOUNtain HOUse, it is clearly the classier of the two, as Jenny points out.

Also, I finally got my security pass at work after almost two weeks. Yay.

I'm off to Ottawa for the weekend to hang out with Andrew and to go to the Great Glebe Garage Sale since I missed it last year due to having a shitty job. But not this year!


Anonymous said...

Goodness, I'm glad you typed out the name of that place behind your friend's head because I was totally thinking that ROUND MOUND HOUND was quite an odd name for a bar.

i am playing outside said...

BAHAHA ... the restaurant is named after the town Rocky Mountain House, which is like 4000km away lol