Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Packing

I don't move until Sunday, but I have been so antsy to pack up my stuff that I did a lot of it today. I wanted to start last night, so making it like 15 hours after I got the idea was pretty good for me, in my opinion. I LOVE PACKING. If I could move every 20 minutes and get to pack and repack, I would. I'm so weird.

I put down my packing in order to haul my laundry across Ottawa to do it at Andrew's for the last time ever. Woo! Next time I do it there, I'll just be hauling it down the hall from the bedroom to the kitchen. Much easier. But that's not until September.

We had a great supper and watched TV and all that jazz.

I tried packing up my DVDs tonight so I can take them to Andrew's someday this week. I have more than I thought. I've got a full duffel bag and there are still a bunch more, and the bag is too heavy to ever carry across town on the bus. I'll need to split them into two trips, or he'll have to come help me. I vote for the helping one HEHE.

I have so many things to do before I go, like find out how I'll pay my rent [I pay debit right now] and I need to switch the hydro bill to be mailed to Renfrew, and I am going to scale down the internet a level since Tim doesn't use it much.

Maybe tomorrow will be the day I tell Tim I'm leaving.


Anonymous said...

Remind me to call you when I move next time.

minijonb said...

are you kidding? i hate packing with a passion. it jus reminds me that i own too many material things. i need to simplify my life.

i am playing outside said...

ive been moving every year since i started school. its a great way to get rid of some crap that you dont want to move to the next place.

SRU, i will definitely help you move! hehe

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Hey congrats on your job and on not having to spend the summer living with your nasty roommate!

I would leave him a note on his guitar. Or spell it out with cleaning solvent on your kitchen counter.

i am playing outside said...

hah both very good solutions, lunchlady