Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Mounties

Thursday night, I went to WalMart and then Tim Horton's with MegH and Mando. Apparently MegH was still in town, so I felt it would be nice to see her.

We ran into Sheena along the way, and it was her birthday. Happy Birthday Sheena! ... The last time we hung out with Sheena was two years ago for New Years when the three of us stumbled upon her at... uh... the other Tim Horton's. Good times.

MegH had finger excitement, but that was about it. Very bad mood. Ugh.

Hey its me!

Hey its Mando!

This picture is of Bill. Yes, he is at Tim Horton's, but this picture is where we flash forward a day. Bill drove me, Mando, Schelly and Jenny to Arnprior to see the new Narnia movie. I had never been to the Arnprior theatre, and I found out why. It is like the trashy dump version of the Renfrew theatre which is historic and lovely. Also, Narnia was an awful, awful movie. Awful. Wasn't the first one good? Someone confirm this for me.

As proof that it was a different day, here is me in a different shirt.

And Mando again.

And Jenny, who looks pretty stunned.

Then we realized that the seats are lovingly VELCROED on. You could store things in there!

I made Bill test out the bottom bench also. Yup. Velcro. Classy!

This picture proves that Michelle was there, and also some of us ate at Wendy's, in case you were wondering.

Today, Amanda [aka Mando] and I went to the good old Renfrew Fairgrounds to take in some sort of OPP canine unit demonstration, then some horrible local old people singing, and then we watched the RCMP Musical Ride which I had never seen before. This was all in honour of Renfrew's 150th Birthday year. It was raining, but it was fun.


Bec said...

is that why there were all those ppl at the fair grounds, I was so confused.

i am playing outside said...

ya... we were all there to get rained on lol