Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Mixed Emotions

No pictures this time, contrary to my promise, but lots of words for sure!

I needed to buy new dress pants because I'm still carrying a little holiday weight. Ya right.

I decided to take my suit jacket to Moore's so I could match it to pants. Moore's: the home of the hem-while-you-wait promise. I walked in, and there were only a few people in there, so I went to this old guy and said I needed to match pants to a jacket and he said "If you didn't buy it here, I won't help you match it. Do it yourself." SHOCKED. Then he asked what colour and I handed him the jacket and he said "blue" and I said "uh, its very black". Then he asked when I wanted the pants for, because it would be about two weeks. I said "I thought you're supposed to hem while you wait" and he basically called me an idiot for thinking that a store could do that, and then he quietly said some comment to a female customer and she laughed uncomfortably. I was obviously getting more and more angry, but the guy asked my size and i told him, and then I clearly watched as he grabbed like $200 pants of the WRONG size off a rack and handed them to me and said "go try these on". I was done. I started walking away and he was like 'oh where are you going?' so, loud enough so anyone in the store could here, I let him know that he was insanely rude to me and that I was going elsewhere. It wasn't scene-making, but I didn't want him to get off with being an asshole.

I went to The Bay. They had an amazing sale. The staff was friendly. They set me up in a luxurious dressing room. I found a pair of pants that was a great fit, and great colour match to my jacket. There was an amazing sale, and I paid $31. I officially love The Bay lol. Although the bag they gave me was pretty white and flowery and says WORLD PARTY on it. I don't know what they were thinking.

At 7:30, Kerri showed up at my door in a lovely dress and we were off to meet Sierra, Linsey and two Peters at Zak's for dinner. Zak's being the second classiest diner in town HAHA. At the start of the meal, Sierra's mom called to say that her grandma was coming out of ICU, so that was good news. We had a great time, and the food was delicious. Near the end of the meal, Sierra's mom called and said her grandma was going back into ICU. That was fast.

We headed over to Heart and Crown to crane our necks to watch the Habs game [sadness], and to enjoy the effects of alcohol. There was much fun, and more people joined us as time went on. Kerri and Sierra told us about their plans to spend ten days in Florida, starting Friday. Then Sierra's mom called and said she needed to get to Chicago. Very sad. They figured that her grandma will have 2 or 3 more days, so I really hope she makes it in time. After some good consoling, Kerri took Sierra home and they switched their flights. Sierra left for Chicago at 6:30am, and tomorrow Kerri will not be going to Florida. She's going to fucking Ireland. Who thinks I can kill Kerri and pass as her so I get to go instead? LOL

We had another drink, and I realized that I was ending the night with none of the people I started it with. I didn't even KNOW some of them. It was odd but totally fun.

HOLY SHIT. I forgot to mention the important part of this post!

After buying the pants, I was walking through the mall which was very loud and crazy. My phone rang. Random number. I answered.

"Michael, its dad. You got the job."

This is good and bad.

The good: $16/hr working in environmental health and safety at GE's nuclear facility where my dad and uncle work. It is the first GOOD summer job I've had.

The bad: the job is in Arnprior. That means I'm moving home to Renfrew for the summer. That means no Ottawa. No Andrew. No friends from school that I've really been loving lately. I'll visit lots.

The weird: I didn't interview for this job. 5 people applied. 3 people were disqualified because they were not Canadian citizens [they would only be considered if there were no applicants that WERE Canadian citizens]. So it was down to just two names in a hat. My uncle drew my name, and I got a good job. Whatever works, eh?

I move on the 11th and start the 12th. I have so much to do.

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