Monday, May 12, 2008

The Imagination At Work

The weekend was awesome. On Saturday afternoon, Andrew came over and helped me haul two very heavy duffel bags full of DVDs, food, towels and some dishes across the city to his place. We had a delicious lasagne, watching some good TV, did some general hanging out. It was fun. Sunday morning, we had a lovely breakfast, and then I was back to my apartment to pack up my clothes and computer. Bye bye Andrew :(

My dad came and drove me home to Renfrew. Got to my mom's around 5:00. At 6:30, Momma and I went out for dinner and it was delicious. Happy Mother's Day.

We went home after supper and I worked on getting the wireless router hooked up so that I could write this post and future posts on my computer in my room, rather than on my mom's computer that has a monitor that I dislike. That was frustrating, and somewhere between the 5 people I talked to during the night, I had I good old fashioned 'I wish I was still in Ottawa' breakdown. It was sad. But I think I just needed to get that one time out of my system and I'll be good. I watched Desperate Housewives with Momma, and then we headed off to bed, although I did some unpacking.

This morning I woke up at 6:45am. Vomit. Gone will be my awake til 3am nights. It is 11:29pm right now and I'm all tired and looking forward to finish writing this so I can go to bed! :|

I got to work for 8, and things went really well. It seems like its going to be a REAL JOB. My main project for the summer will be to catalog the ~350 chemicals that found within the plant, and try to cut that down by 50, so there are only 300 left. That's a pretty big task!

So I will be spending half my time on the production floor [they manufacture and precision test zirconium tubing that is then shipped off and filled with uranium for nuclear reactors] and the other half of my time will be spent at my little desk. I've got a phone and a laptop and a notepad and a pen that doesn't work! Woo! I also saw my dad during lunch, although rather than sitting by myself like I had planned, I chose to sit with a nice man and woman. It's a bit odd that everyone else is older. The place is teeming with men nearing retirement. But in the end, I think I'll like working there. And if not, I've already made $128 HAHA.


Steve said...

so much money...
oh how i would spend it...

i am playing outside said...

:P all those days will add up and michael will smile