Monday, May 26, 2008

The Garage Sale

This past weekend, I headed on down to Ottawa to visit Andrew. Friday night, we went to the Brig for a very delicious supper, and then went back to his place to watch Mean Girls which I bought for cheap. So funny.

Saturday morning we work up early [see: later than planned]. We headed to bank street to some fun little diner that I forget the name of. It was very delicious and the place was pretty cool. The dishwasher was sexy HAHA. After eating, we walked a couple blocks to the Glebe neighbourhood [see: Ottawa's #2 trendy neighbourhood] to partake in the Great Glebe Garage Sale with thousands of others. It is a massive annual event that spans like a 5x10 block zone. We spent a good 5 hours garage saling and people watching. It was a ton of fun! I bought:

- orange metal kettle: $2.00
- very old little book that seems like a fun account of life in England: $0.50
- perfect condition VHS of The Birds: $4.00
- oldschool Bingo game: $0.50
- red Mr. Freezie: $0.75

Not bad.

After that, we dropped our purchases at Andrew's place, where the following cat photo was taken, and then we were back downtown.

What an adorable cat/fish pic!

Downtown, we went to City Hall where The Start and Finish lines of Ottawa's race weekend are located.

Andrew's parents were running the 10K, and we were there to look after his sister, and pretend that we could see the parents start/finish the race lol.

Alana and Andrew danced, while that woman in the yellow watched us for like an hour. Crazy woman!

Then they hugged.

I was happy cuz I scored a sweet CBC pin. Free!

Thousands of racers lined up to begin.

And spectators tried to score a prime bridge view of the finish line.

The next day, Andrew and I headed out to this amazing bakery for a cheap and incredibly delicious breakfast. It was so good. We shopped around downtown for a bit, and I bought my Belated Mother's Day present, which was a success.

Andrew sent me this picture, which is me and him. I am Little Kettle, and he is Baby Whale. You don't need to get it. LOL


mando said...

Oh man, I am TOTALLY in that crowd. Did you not see me running?

i am playing outside said...

i did see you. i think you lapped everyone 3 times. good for you.