Monday, May 5, 2008

The Anne Murray

Saturday, I went across the hall to get my hair cut. Awesome Russian lady was busy. I couldn't NOT let the other girl cut my hair. I could see the hack job she was doing to the guy currently in the chair. I was scared.

An old lady came in with her granddaughter and was a FREAK. She kept laughing at NOTHING while she sat beside/on me. That's not all that made her a freak. I will not go into all the boring details. After a few minutes though, she came out with this gem:

"Next time I come in here, I want a new haircut" *pulls out a picture*

Ladies and gentleman, she wants the Anne Murray.

So it was my turn in the chair of death, and the speed-talking woman asked me THREE times if I was sure of what I wanted, and then asked Awesome Russian Lady [ARL] twice if I was really sure. ARL has trained me to walk in and say 'army cut, high fade, zero on the sides, don't touch the top" ... its quick and she knows what she's doing. New girl questioned my judgment, and I was like GRR. The cut went well, but then at the end, she slammed a bunch of talcum powder down onto a large poofy brush thing, and then rubbed it all over my neck and head and face. Twice.

What the HELL? I had to walk all the way across the hall like this, then halfway across the apartment to the shower. That's like a whole minutes that I had to spend with this crap on me. And the smell, oh god. Awful.

I cleansed myself and then met Andrew at the Starbucks at the Lord Elgin. Classy. We headed over to city hall where my sister was working [she's a publicist] at a book launch about the Boat People from 70s or 80s or whatever. Project 4000. There was a bit of music, a bit of food, some gelatinous-like desserts, and my sister overseeing the selling of the books, which were flying off the tables. It let me use city hall for two hours. I mean, I'm paying for that crap, right? HAHA

After that, Alison headed back to Renfrew, and Andrew and I went to The Works where I ate an elk burger with brisket and bacon and gouda and an onion ring on it, with mashed potatoes and a cherry coke float. Best meal ever. Apparently elk is super healthy. We rolled our fat asses to his apartment after that. The works is very filling HAHA. Later, we went to see Baby Mama which was pretty darn funny. I love Tina Fey so very much.

Today, we headed to his parents' place for a BBQ which was totally delicious, even though it was day 2 of burgers.

I am now just 7 days away from moving to Renfrew. I still haven't told Tim. I've made the executive decision that I will be packing up everything and keeping it all neatly in the closet while I'm in Renfrew. This way, it will be easy to move out at the end of August when I move in with Andrew, or else I can move easily in a few weeks if Tim has someone that wants to live here June-August, which I doubt. My DVD collection will be moving immediately to Andrew's because I don't trust.


Steve said...

the talcum is standard, even though it sounds like she used too much.
its for those of us who cant immediately go shower, so hairs don't stick and prickle everywhere.
and mmm... i love elk.

i am playing outside said...

well i said to her "i live across the hall, i'm going home to shower right away" when she asked if i wanted gel or anything, so she should have known better!

Bec said...

i love the works, best burgers ever!

i am playing outside said...

i want to try the one with kraft dinner on it, but the only other topping is cheddar cheese, and i dont know why i need cheese on cheese lol

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I should bring in that picture of Anne Murray and tell my stylist that I was to look like that as a prank. She would die!

I love Tina Fey too.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

want - not was