Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Rollerblades

Work has been up and down lately. Yesterday it was REALLY boring and I had nothing to do, and my supervisor wasn't around. I made 3 phone calls, I emailed back and forth with Amanda and Andrew, and I read news ALL DAY. I can't get in trouble for reading the news, because there is a Newsreader right at the top of the GE Intranet site, which is updated constantly. It is pretty awesome!

Today I had lots to do... I made and laminated a bunch of signs and labels for chemicals, I fought with the printers for about an hour, I fought with my Outlook for about 3 hours because I finally got it working, and I fought with several computer programs. I am supposed to get my new computer tomorrow. I pray. But I have a good feeling that they're going to screw me over with an oldschool monitor which will take over like half of my desk. You just KNOW that I will be the person with the biggest computer on the smallest desk. That's how life works.

Tonight I am going rollerblading with Lindsay which excites me because it will be the first time this year. Woo! I'm sure we'll suck.

I've started getting ready for bed at 11pm to be in bed by 11:30. This makes me so sad, but it is so necessary. I don't know how people do it!

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Garage Sale

This past weekend, I headed on down to Ottawa to visit Andrew. Friday night, we went to the Brig for a very delicious supper, and then went back to his place to watch Mean Girls which I bought for cheap. So funny.

Saturday morning we work up early [see: later than planned]. We headed to bank street to some fun little diner that I forget the name of. It was very delicious and the place was pretty cool. The dishwasher was sexy HAHA. After eating, we walked a couple blocks to the Glebe neighbourhood [see: Ottawa's #2 trendy neighbourhood] to partake in the Great Glebe Garage Sale with thousands of others. It is a massive annual event that spans like a 5x10 block zone. We spent a good 5 hours garage saling and people watching. It was a ton of fun! I bought:

- orange metal kettle: $2.00
- very old little book that seems like a fun account of life in England: $0.50
- perfect condition VHS of The Birds: $4.00
- oldschool Bingo game: $0.50
- red Mr. Freezie: $0.75

Not bad.

After that, we dropped our purchases at Andrew's place, where the following cat photo was taken, and then we were back downtown.

What an adorable cat/fish pic!

Downtown, we went to City Hall where The Start and Finish lines of Ottawa's race weekend are located.

Andrew's parents were running the 10K, and we were there to look after his sister, and pretend that we could see the parents start/finish the race lol.

Alana and Andrew danced, while that woman in the yellow watched us for like an hour. Crazy woman!

Then they hugged.

I was happy cuz I scored a sweet CBC pin. Free!

Thousands of racers lined up to begin.

And spectators tried to score a prime bridge view of the finish line.

The next day, Andrew and I headed out to this amazing bakery for a cheap and incredibly delicious breakfast. It was so good. We shopped around downtown for a bit, and I bought my Belated Mother's Day present, which was a success.

Andrew sent me this picture, which is me and him. I am Little Kettle, and he is Baby Whale. You don't need to get it. LOL

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Security

On Wednesday night, I got a call to go for drinks at the lovely Crown & Kilt

with Jenny and Lindsay

and Rebecca.

Attached to the ROcky MOUNtain HOUse, it is clearly the classier of the two, as Jenny points out.

Also, I finally got my security pass at work after almost two weeks. Yay.

I'm off to Ottawa for the weekend to hang out with Andrew and to go to the Great Glebe Garage Sale since I missed it last year due to having a shitty job. But not this year!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Out Of Towner

Let me set the scene... The year is 2005. The month is April. I step off the ferry after visiting the Statue of Liberty. I meet Mike.

Three years later, we've hung out with Mike half a dozen times. Every couple of months when we get bored, we call him up, pick him up, and go to Tim Hortons or something equally exciting.

Saturday night was one of those nights.

Mike had an affinity for cautioning others.

Michelle just wanted to hide.

From Mike's freakishly long lashes.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Mounties

Thursday night, I went to WalMart and then Tim Horton's with MegH and Mando. Apparently MegH was still in town, so I felt it would be nice to see her.

We ran into Sheena along the way, and it was her birthday. Happy Birthday Sheena! ... The last time we hung out with Sheena was two years ago for New Years when the three of us stumbled upon her at... uh... the other Tim Horton's. Good times.

MegH had finger excitement, but that was about it. Very bad mood. Ugh.

Hey its me!

Hey its Mando!

This picture is of Bill. Yes, he is at Tim Horton's, but this picture is where we flash forward a day. Bill drove me, Mando, Schelly and Jenny to Arnprior to see the new Narnia movie. I had never been to the Arnprior theatre, and I found out why. It is like the trashy dump version of the Renfrew theatre which is historic and lovely. Also, Narnia was an awful, awful movie. Awful. Wasn't the first one good? Someone confirm this for me.

As proof that it was a different day, here is me in a different shirt.

And Mando again.

And Jenny, who looks pretty stunned.

Then we realized that the seats are lovingly VELCROED on. You could store things in there!

I made Bill test out the bottom bench also. Yup. Velcro. Classy!

This picture proves that Michelle was there, and also some of us ate at Wendy's, in case you were wondering.

Today, Amanda [aka Mando] and I went to the good old Renfrew Fairgrounds to take in some sort of OPP canine unit demonstration, then some horrible local old people singing, and then we watched the RCMP Musical Ride which I had never seen before. This was all in honour of Renfrew's 150th Birthday year. It was raining, but it was fun.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Second Day

Today was a pretty useless day at work. I was there half an hour before my supervisor [wtf] so I sat there at my desk because my training is all online, but [1] I couldn't log into the computer and [2] even if I could, my login for the training isn't set up, so I have to use my supervisor's.

So he got there and I finally got started, and he had a bunch of forms for me to fill out so I did that, and then I was trying to do my training but the laptop is garbage [I think they ordered me a new one] but sometimes the page takes like 3 minutes to change, so I just sat there and I'm sure that I was probably actually asleep for a few seconds every now and then. Thank god the cubicle walls are really high [I have a 2/3 cubicle... I'm like totally isolated... but I've got lots of windows too so thats cool]. Eventually I went for lunch which I ate with my new friend Donna who I met yesterday at lunch and some other lady, since they happened to sit with me haha. Sadly they work shifts, so I'll only get to lunch with her every 3rd week.

After lunch, I tried to do more training but it was even more useless, so some guy sat at my computer and called Peterborough and they remotely did some stuff to my computer [which is so weird to watch] and now I've got a login for the computer, and my email address, and my training login even though I've only got 1 training thing left to do and my password wasn't working for that so now I need more help lol.

Eventually I did some updating of hazardous material sheets [woo photocopying!] and then I left. Momma and I went to Grandmomma's for supper, and I fell asleep on the couch. Work is tiring.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Imagination At Work

The weekend was awesome. On Saturday afternoon, Andrew came over and helped me haul two very heavy duffel bags full of DVDs, food, towels and some dishes across the city to his place. We had a delicious lasagne, watching some good TV, did some general hanging out. It was fun. Sunday morning, we had a lovely breakfast, and then I was back to my apartment to pack up my clothes and computer. Bye bye Andrew :(

My dad came and drove me home to Renfrew. Got to my mom's around 5:00. At 6:30, Momma and I went out for dinner and it was delicious. Happy Mother's Day.

We went home after supper and I worked on getting the wireless router hooked up so that I could write this post and future posts on my computer in my room, rather than on my mom's computer that has a monitor that I dislike. That was frustrating, and somewhere between the 5 people I talked to during the night, I had I good old fashioned 'I wish I was still in Ottawa' breakdown. It was sad. But I think I just needed to get that one time out of my system and I'll be good. I watched Desperate Housewives with Momma, and then we headed off to bed, although I did some unpacking.

This morning I woke up at 6:45am. Vomit. Gone will be my awake til 3am nights. It is 11:29pm right now and I'm all tired and looking forward to finish writing this so I can go to bed! :|

I got to work for 8, and things went really well. It seems like its going to be a REAL JOB. My main project for the summer will be to catalog the ~350 chemicals that found within the plant, and try to cut that down by 50, so there are only 300 left. That's a pretty big task!

So I will be spending half my time on the production floor [they manufacture and precision test zirconium tubing that is then shipped off and filled with uranium for nuclear reactors] and the other half of my time will be spent at my little desk. I've got a phone and a laptop and a notepad and a pen that doesn't work! Woo! I also saw my dad during lunch, although rather than sitting by myself like I had planned, I chose to sit with a nice man and woman. It's a bit odd that everyone else is older. The place is teeming with men nearing retirement. But in the end, I think I'll like working there. And if not, I've already made $128 HAHA.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Packing

I don't move until Sunday, but I have been so antsy to pack up my stuff that I did a lot of it today. I wanted to start last night, so making it like 15 hours after I got the idea was pretty good for me, in my opinion. I LOVE PACKING. If I could move every 20 minutes and get to pack and repack, I would. I'm so weird.

I put down my packing in order to haul my laundry across Ottawa to do it at Andrew's for the last time ever. Woo! Next time I do it there, I'll just be hauling it down the hall from the bedroom to the kitchen. Much easier. But that's not until September.

We had a great supper and watched TV and all that jazz.

I tried packing up my DVDs tonight so I can take them to Andrew's someday this week. I have more than I thought. I've got a full duffel bag and there are still a bunch more, and the bag is too heavy to ever carry across town on the bus. I'll need to split them into two trips, or he'll have to come help me. I vote for the helping one HEHE.

I have so many things to do before I go, like find out how I'll pay my rent [I pay debit right now] and I need to switch the hydro bill to be mailed to Renfrew, and I am going to scale down the internet a level since Tim doesn't use it much.

Maybe tomorrow will be the day I tell Tim I'm leaving.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Anne Murray

Saturday, I went across the hall to get my hair cut. Awesome Russian lady was busy. I couldn't NOT let the other girl cut my hair. I could see the hack job she was doing to the guy currently in the chair. I was scared.

An old lady came in with her granddaughter and was a FREAK. She kept laughing at NOTHING while she sat beside/on me. That's not all that made her a freak. I will not go into all the boring details. After a few minutes though, she came out with this gem:

"Next time I come in here, I want a new haircut" *pulls out a picture*

Ladies and gentleman, she wants the Anne Murray.

So it was my turn in the chair of death, and the speed-talking woman asked me THREE times if I was sure of what I wanted, and then asked Awesome Russian Lady [ARL] twice if I was really sure. ARL has trained me to walk in and say 'army cut, high fade, zero on the sides, don't touch the top" ... its quick and she knows what she's doing. New girl questioned my judgment, and I was like GRR. The cut went well, but then at the end, she slammed a bunch of talcum powder down onto a large poofy brush thing, and then rubbed it all over my neck and head and face. Twice.

What the HELL? I had to walk all the way across the hall like this, then halfway across the apartment to the shower. That's like a whole minutes that I had to spend with this crap on me. And the smell, oh god. Awful.

I cleansed myself and then met Andrew at the Starbucks at the Lord Elgin. Classy. We headed over to city hall where my sister was working [she's a publicist] at a book launch about the Boat People from 70s or 80s or whatever. Project 4000. There was a bit of music, a bit of food, some gelatinous-like desserts, and my sister overseeing the selling of the books, which were flying off the tables. It let me use city hall for two hours. I mean, I'm paying for that crap, right? HAHA

After that, Alison headed back to Renfrew, and Andrew and I went to The Works where I ate an elk burger with brisket and bacon and gouda and an onion ring on it, with mashed potatoes and a cherry coke float. Best meal ever. Apparently elk is super healthy. We rolled our fat asses to his apartment after that. The works is very filling HAHA. Later, we went to see Baby Mama which was pretty darn funny. I love Tina Fey so very much.

Today, we headed to his parents' place for a BBQ which was totally delicious, even though it was day 2 of burgers.

I am now just 7 days away from moving to Renfrew. I still haven't told Tim. I've made the executive decision that I will be packing up everything and keeping it all neatly in the closet while I'm in Renfrew. This way, it will be easy to move out at the end of August when I move in with Andrew, or else I can move easily in a few weeks if Tim has someone that wants to live here June-August, which I doubt. My DVD collection will be moving immediately to Andrew's because I don't trust.

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Damn You

I got a sweet job and none of you congratulated me? Damn you all! lol

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Mixed Emotions

No pictures this time, contrary to my promise, but lots of words for sure!

I needed to buy new dress pants because I'm still carrying a little holiday weight. Ya right.

I decided to take my suit jacket to Moore's so I could match it to pants. Moore's: the home of the hem-while-you-wait promise. I walked in, and there were only a few people in there, so I went to this old guy and said I needed to match pants to a jacket and he said "If you didn't buy it here, I won't help you match it. Do it yourself." SHOCKED. Then he asked what colour and I handed him the jacket and he said "blue" and I said "uh, its very black". Then he asked when I wanted the pants for, because it would be about two weeks. I said "I thought you're supposed to hem while you wait" and he basically called me an idiot for thinking that a store could do that, and then he quietly said some comment to a female customer and she laughed uncomfortably. I was obviously getting more and more angry, but the guy asked my size and i told him, and then I clearly watched as he grabbed like $200 pants of the WRONG size off a rack and handed them to me and said "go try these on". I was done. I started walking away and he was like 'oh where are you going?' so, loud enough so anyone in the store could here, I let him know that he was insanely rude to me and that I was going elsewhere. It wasn't scene-making, but I didn't want him to get off with being an asshole.

I went to The Bay. They had an amazing sale. The staff was friendly. They set me up in a luxurious dressing room. I found a pair of pants that was a great fit, and great colour match to my jacket. There was an amazing sale, and I paid $31. I officially love The Bay lol. Although the bag they gave me was pretty white and flowery and says WORLD PARTY on it. I don't know what they were thinking.

At 7:30, Kerri showed up at my door in a lovely dress and we were off to meet Sierra, Linsey and two Peters at Zak's for dinner. Zak's being the second classiest diner in town HAHA. At the start of the meal, Sierra's mom called to say that her grandma was coming out of ICU, so that was good news. We had a great time, and the food was delicious. Near the end of the meal, Sierra's mom called and said her grandma was going back into ICU. That was fast.

We headed over to Heart and Crown to crane our necks to watch the Habs game [sadness], and to enjoy the effects of alcohol. There was much fun, and more people joined us as time went on. Kerri and Sierra told us about their plans to spend ten days in Florida, starting Friday. Then Sierra's mom called and said she needed to get to Chicago. Very sad. They figured that her grandma will have 2 or 3 more days, so I really hope she makes it in time. After some good consoling, Kerri took Sierra home and they switched their flights. Sierra left for Chicago at 6:30am, and tomorrow Kerri will not be going to Florida. She's going to fucking Ireland. Who thinks I can kill Kerri and pass as her so I get to go instead? LOL

We had another drink, and I realized that I was ending the night with none of the people I started it with. I didn't even KNOW some of them. It was odd but totally fun.

HOLY SHIT. I forgot to mention the important part of this post!

After buying the pants, I was walking through the mall which was very loud and crazy. My phone rang. Random number. I answered.

"Michael, its dad. You got the job."

This is good and bad.

The good: $16/hr working in environmental health and safety at GE's nuclear facility where my dad and uncle work. It is the first GOOD summer job I've had.

The bad: the job is in Arnprior. That means I'm moving home to Renfrew for the summer. That means no Ottawa. No Andrew. No friends from school that I've really been loving lately. I'll visit lots.

The weird: I didn't interview for this job. 5 people applied. 3 people were disqualified because they were not Canadian citizens [they would only be considered if there were no applicants that WERE Canadian citizens]. So it was down to just two names in a hat. My uncle drew my name, and I got a good job. Whatever works, eh?

I move on the 11th and start the 12th. I have so much to do.