Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Three Quarters

I am officially done three of my four years of university. My exam today went very well, which is very good! And I found out that I got a B in my Advanced Geomorphology class, which I'm happy about. Woo!

I was like RIGHT ON TIME for my exam today because I was running late and then I couldn't find the classroom [they had us stuck in some winding hallway in a basement. Ridiculous]. Kerri screamed 'Oh thank God you made it! I called you and you didn't pick up and I was so worried that you forgot!' HAHA

I got lucky and got a spot sitting with Kerri and Phil who I spent all those Friday mornings with. We were the greatest team ever when it comes to sitting together in class. Kerri was in the middle, and she signaled to me that she was almost done, so I finished up, and then Phil finished, and then Kerri came out a few minutes later and we did a little celebration of being done. Then we found out that Sierra is likely not coming back next year for her graduate studies because she has only found a way to come up with half the $60,000 bucks she needs. She's from the US so its way more expensive, but she is the smartest girl ever and she's worked so hard, and the university isn't giving her ANY scholarships. Its insane. So we were sad about that, and then Phil was leaving and we did a regular goodbye, and then he said 'see you next fall' and I was like WHAT? And it was sad, because I remembered that he's going tree planting in BC for the summer and then coming back in August to get married, so we wont be seeing him until school is back. More sadness. So we decided to go out for dinner tomorrow night before Evan and Sierra's wedding.

Yes that's right. Wedding. Weeks ago, when it was starting to become likely that Sierra wouldn't be coming back next year, we decided to marry her off to a Canadian so she could stay. So illegal. Evan decided that as the gay boy, he should do it lol. So for the past month or so, there has been a lot of will they or wont they... there was definitely a time where they were ready to go to a courthouse and get hitched. But I think we finally all realized that it was ultimately stupid, so we're going to have a big party and get dressed up instead! Get ready for 'wedding' pictures!

But before that happens tomorrow night, I have to buy groceries and suit pants [mine are 4 years old and my waist is also 4 years older lol] and I need to do some other errands. Like send my dad my tax stuff, since, you know, its tax day. LOL


Stacy said...

summer vacay!

3 down one to go.

enjoy the next couple of days with your friends.

well deserved.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I knew some childrens who got hitched to keep somebody in the US. A friend who is a boy had a boyfriend who was a boy from the UK who married one of my straight girl friends so the loving couple could stay together.

They all had to live together in the same house for a couple of years to keep the INS off of their butts. Mini-dramas.

i am playing outside said...

ya that's the same situation here that we avoided lol. the guy has a boyfriend so they wouldnt have had to get a place together and that's awkward 'hey why do three of you live together in this house, new couple?' lol