Monday, April 7, 2008

The Sunburn

This weekend, I headed into Quebec to Camp Awacamenj Mino with a bunch of geography students. We had a freaking blast.

Kerri and Norah, just dying to get there. This was AFTER the bus hit a massive bump and we were all tossed into the air. Our luggage was in the seats behind us, and it slammed against the roof of the bus. Calm down, driver.

I was decked out in a T-shirt, sweatshirt and jacket. Dressed for the weather, you know. That wouldn't last.

We arrived and a beautiful ladybug landed on me and wouldn't leave. Yay! The one bug I like!

After we put our bags in our cabin, we ate some lunch and then grabbed our chairs and headed on down to the beach.

Amaris used the successful 'over the shoulders' carrying technique.

The fine group ahead of us flattened a path to the beach. They had boots, and like the last time I played in the snow, I did not.

The beautiful Lac Isabelle!

Just plunk a chair into the snowy beach and enjoy the sun!

Sierra twanging it up. Oh Kentucky girl.

Mary and Jody, who I somehow didn't meet until now even though everyone I know at school is friends with her.

What a beautiful [but bright with no sunglasses] day on the beach.

At night, Kerri and Norah guided their Flip Cup teams on the quest to victory. Kerri's team ultra sucked.

Here is Norah packing her bag after a night in the 'sleeps 14' bunkbed.

Jenna or Jill, depending on the mood.

Kaiser is a super bus packer.

My poor face. Its more burnt than it looks there LOL

Chris waiting to board the bus. tired after guitaring until late into the night.

Best $20 weekend ever.

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