Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Searches

I must give a big shout out to Lunchlady, who periodically posts about the wording of the Google searches that people have use in order to locate her blog. They are usually pretty ridiculous, and she manages to post a whole hell of a lot about each one.

Me, I'm not so inventive, and therefore I will never be able to go into such detail about them. I WILL be able to write a sentence or two about them! Yay!

Lucky you, I have started tracking the searches to my site on this lovely day, and there are THREE! Woo! [Lunchlady is at 9. Well screw you man!]

Here we go.

Googler #1 sought "social stories on playing outside". Links were provided to my posts The CMAs as well as The Pinwheel. This one clearly makes the most sense, and I'm kind of happy I get to start with it. Clearly, the person knows a thing or two about the FREAKING JOYS of playing outside, and is likely writing an important research document outlining the phenomenon. I'll probably be quoted. What an honour! Sadly, neither post in question related to the outdoors in any way.

Googler # 2 was interested in "tim hortons motivation". Bizarrely, the person clicked the link to my post The Christmas Eve, which only relates to the subject in that I randomly mentioned a can of Tim Horton's hot chocolate. This link was 102nd in the Google search. This poor bastard probably owns a Tim Horton's and desperately needs ideas to improve morale amongst his employees. Sadly, he clicked every link in the 92 pages of search, and probably found nothing, because there is NO way to improve morale at Tim Horton's. Unless its Christmas Eve.

Googler #3 wanted to "watch lost outside us". After looking at the first 50 pages of results, I still can't find the link to my site. Apparently this poor bastard went through more than 500 search results to find me. Not even my readers go to that much trouble for me. [Jerks!] Quite frankly, the query is simply too existential for me to tackle. Not now, and certainly not in a past
post! [Say it with me: past post past post past post].

To sum up, Google is tracking everything you do, and you should freak out RIGHT NOW.


The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I'm gonna give you an LOL here kid. I did LOL on the Tim Horton's one.

It' is pretty freaky how much detail you can find. I suppose it's meant for web business and such, but still when it's not creeping me out it gives me a giggle.

i am playing outside said...

yay! glad i could make you laugh. i know im not at your standard of awesomeness though lol

Steve said...

how the heck does one find this stuff out? what sends ppl my way?

i am playing outside said...

im facebook messaging you the instructions lol

Kat said...

Do you think of random terms and check the whole list? Or is there a trick to doing that?