Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Injury

This post comes to you all the way from the small town of Renfrew. Woo! I'm home for the weekend to go to the dentist on Monday, and to do some other stuff.

First off, the injury. So, yesterday Momma and Darrel were doing some work outside. Raking leaves that were not raked last year, replacing a few boards on the front steps, and sanding the cracked paint on the outside window frames and then repainting them. I helped Momma get the sandpaper on the sander since she couldn't figure it out LOL

They only got half the leaves raked, so Momma is working on that solo today, and they didn't get the window frames painted, so I offered to do that today. So I COULD HAVE fallen off the ladder, but I didn't. I COULD HAVE gotten stung by the many wasps flying around me at all times. I COULD HAVE gotten a massive glob of paint in my eye. But no. I came inside to wash my hands, and while washing my hands, I gouged my thumbnail so deep into my hand that I took off 2 or 3 layers of skin. What a wuss injury.

Yesterday, Alison and I went to Uncle Lyle's 50th birthday party. It was a bloody mess. My Aunt Christine didn't speak to me or look at me because I didn't RSVP. I was fine with that. But at a party where there's enough foor for 400 people and about 100 people are there, I don't think me not RSVPing is a big deal. She was such a bitch to everyone all afternoon. What a fun party hostess!

Aunt Donna Lynn and Alison in their lovely pink shirts.

Aunt Sharon and Jadyn. Uncle Larry is back there telling someone to get the hell out. Probably. lol

Poor little Rachel was a tired, dishevelled mess. And had some cut on her nose. She's pretty accident prone.

Later that night, I went for a walk down to the swinging bridge with Lindsay.

And Rebecca, who doesn't like it when I shake the bridge. Hey, who can guess how much bridge shaking I did? lol

The water was very high. Much higher than normal.

I was there too. I just wanted some Tim Hortons.

Later, Lindsay touched the moon. It was amazing.

Then we ran into her sister on the street. Yay Lesley!

And Natasha was there, because she's cool like that.

The we went and met Jodie and saw the movie The Bank Job, which was pretty good. The only person I knew in it was Jason Statham, who seems to be pretty good at hesiting, because he's also awesome in The Italian Job, and will be in The Brazillian Job if that ever gets made [like come on. it was supped to come out in 2007, and now its still being written? Screw you!}

Finally, I took this picture of a tulip on my kitchen table. Nice, no?

I'm off to do a second coat of paint. Hope you're all having a good weekend!


mando said...

you need to switch you Natasha and Lesley pictures

i am playing outside said...

thanks. i THOUGHT they were in the wrong order, but blogger was like 'this is the order we put them in, we're right' and i was like BUT, BUT... and then i didnt actually check lol

Steve said...

higher than ususal water levels?
its not like we had a record snow-fall or anything...

mando said...

Oh yea, let me get this straight, I didn't really read it all, because I hate blood, but did you hurt yourself from hand washing?

i am playing outside said...

steve: i dont normally go at this time of the year, so yes, for me, there is more water there than i normally see, but it is normal for the melting season. you seriously need to learn the difference between climate change and annual snow melt leading to more water. its been happening for a couple billion years. get used to it.

mando: there was no blood so read it yourself.