Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Frying Pans

It is 1:15am snack time at Michael's apartment, so grab your crackers and an assortment of salsas and hummuses and sit on down while I tell you a tale!

Tonight, I took my dishes to the kitchen to wash them, as people sometimes do. I am generally pretty clean, but I leave my dishes for a day or two in my room, because I like doing more than two or three things at a time, and I don't like leaving a mess in the kitchen, even though Tim leaves gigantic disgusting messes at all times.

The other day, I did leave a frying pan in the sink. I tend to not bring the frying pan to my room since that would be weird since I'm not eating off of it in my room. So, I took my dishes to the kitchen, and found that Tim had taken my frying pan out of the sink and put it on the counter. Why? So he could put his own frying pan in the sink. What the hell is the reasoning behind this? If anyone can help me here, I'd love to get an explanation.

And now, as a special gift to LunchLady, I bring you the back story of why the frying pan was left unwashed for a few days in the first place:

I was cooking scrambled eggs. Stupidly, I turned the element on high, and the pan got hot, and I cracked the eggs into the pan. They started frying immediately and I did not want that. I grabbed a fork and started mixing them around, and with my other hand [which had egg grossness on it] I reached for the dial to turn down the heat. When I touched the the dial, I felt a zap go all through the left side of my body, and my hand was thrown off the dial.

I don't know if it was the egg crap on my hand, or the fact that i was holding the dial in one hand, and holding a fork touching the pan touching the element with the other hand. I also don't know why the power didn't go all the way through me, but I'm glad it didn't because I believe that's the way you die from being electrocuted. Scary shit. I got lucky.

Needless to say, I didn't even want to be in the kitchen for a while, so I did not clean the pan.

Thus concludes my tale. Please clean up the crumbs from you snacks. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Does your skillet have Teflon? Are you telling me you used a METAL fork on your Teflon pan?! No wonder you got shocked!

Anonymous said...

I should probably qualify that statement. Metal and teflon do not cause shock but people who use metal utensils on precious teflon should be shocked. ;)

i am playing outside said...

its like 3 years old.. its already scratched... i think it was like 10 bucks lol. not too concerned :P

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Thanks for the rest of the story, although the cause remains a mystery.
Sorry am late responding, but my computer took a powder and was down the last 2 days.