Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Fire

Welcome friends, to my 150th post. I have far exceeded any other blogging attempt ever. Celebrate with me!

Today was pretty boring. The main event was my Death and Dying midterm, which was alright but not amazing.

Yesterday was very good though. Here's why:

I slept well, woke up well, was generally happy to begin my day. I did a bit of studying, then ate some cereal, and then I was off to my Advanced Geomorphology exam at 2. The exam took 2.5 of the alloted 3 hours. I was finished 3 [of 9] and then waited in the hall for Evan to finish. Eventually a small group of us were outside, and we all found the exam to be BETTER THAN EXPECTED! Yay! We had to do a LOT of sketching which was unexpected. Everyone said that it all went well, but the funniest thing was that EVERY PERSON said their drawing of a cirque was horrendous. But really, how the hell do you draw this?:

Afterwards, Evan, Matt and I went to have a few drinks [They are both done university now. Jerks!] and Norah joined us too [she's a grad student. Jerk!] ... During the drinks [which lasted like 2 hours], Norah shouted 'OH MY GOD ITS ON FIRE!' and the entire place looked out the window to see massive billowing black smoke and flames a few blocks over. We didn't know WHAT was on fire though. We kept guessing, but then realized that for geography students, none of us know the locations of places on and near campus very well HAHA. There were tons of emergency vehicles that kept flying by the bar for like 15 minutes, which was pretty crazy, and the smoke lasted a good 10-15 minutes.

When we left the bar, we tried to find the place. Blocks and blocks of emergency vehicles lined up on several streets. They were everywhere, with cops and firemen and paramedics everywhere. But nowhere to be seen was there a burnt building. We just could not find it. All the emergency workers just seemed to be hanging out. It was so weird.

After that, I bought a few groceries. The weather was beautiful. I went home, and made lasagna. To my surprise, it was the BEST LASAGNA I'VE EVER HAD. I enjoyed it while watching Big Brother, then did some studying for today's midterm.

Everything I did all day just went well. It was awesome.

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