Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Chicken Wrap

Tonight for supper, I cooked up some chicken breast, cut it up, added it to spinach and BBQ sauce and wrapped it up and it was delicious. I know that's not impressive, but it was delicious and the most exciting part of my day.

The rest of the day I studied [slowly] for my Advanced Geomorphology exam which is tomorrow afternoon. I'm sad, because I don't have much longer to sound smart by saying I'm in an Advanced Geomorphology class. People usually just smile and/or stare, so they think I'm smart haha.

There was a good chunk of time though were I could hear Tim loudly playing his fucking guitars. He would play the electric in his room, because he thinks I can't here through a wall, and then he'd play his acoustic right outside my room, because he thinks my door acts as a cone of silence. So I listen to him butcher Dust on the Bottle 9 or 12 times, which angers me greatly because I happen to love that song and used to sing it in my own butchering way in high school. The difference is that he thinks he's playing it well, whereas I was making a mockery of myself. And how do I know that he thinks he's good?

*knock knock knock* "Michael, are you there?"

"Uhh, ya." *is studying all kinds of hard*

"Can I come in?"

"Uhh, ok."

*door flies open, Tim and acoustic fly in, and start closing the door as per usual and as per awkwardness* "You'll be excited, I've 'learned' a country song."

"Ya, I heard."

"Oh? How did you hear?"

"Guitars are loud and the walls aren't soundproof."

"Oh, well I'm going to play the ENTIRE SONG for you." [yes, he stressed that]

"No, you're not. I heard it. I'm studying. I have exams the next two days."

"Oh are you? Ya, I have an exam tomorrow at 9:30am. I'll stop playing for the night."


Naturally, within 3 minutes, we was playing again. But real quiet so I couldn't hear. Because guitars are very quiet. Who the FUCK buys their boyfriend a guitar the day after he moves in with someone?

Just so you know, he wasn't studying for his exam, because he's in his last year of LEISURE STUDIES. But it gets better. Instead of graduating on time, he'll be taking one more semester next year. OF LEISURE STUDIES.

I move out in 139 days!


Bec said...

Oh Michaels, the annoyances of a roommate who thinks he can play guitar. One of my roommates who was once in a terrible rock band that tried to be simple plan but managed to fail at even that insisted on 'practicing' not in his room, or the living room, or some random street corner or park far away but outside of my room... especially when I was working on homework (ok watching a movie pretending to work on hw) or trying to sleep. Guitars should not be allowed to be owned by people with roommates. Period.

Bec said...

On a side note my current roommate also has a guitar but I don't think she has even looked at it ever so its ok.

i am playing outside said...

lol... i just wish i was able to tell him how freaking bad he is at playing. instead of learning half of 35 songs, LEARN A DAMN SONG

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I make my husband play his guitar in the basement. He plays Love Me Tender until I want to scratch my eyes out, only that won't help because I will still be able to hear.

I like my husband a lot, so we have that going for us and I'm able to get over the guitar thing.

i am playing outside said...

I'm very glad you like your husband. But you're lucky to have a house with a nifty basement feature. Hmm. I should make him play in the parking garage. Yes. That could work.

Kat said...

Maybe she is hoping that you'll not get along because of the noise and he'll have to move in with her.

Or maybe she thinks she is funny. Sort of like buying a drum kit for an 8 year old nephew :) -> Yeah, I did that!

i am playing outside said...

I'm sure you 8 year old nephew is more intelligent than my roommate! lol