Friday, April 18, 2008

The Castle

First of all, I would like you all to notice that after months of attempts, I have finally figured out the code to have a random header picture, so now it will change when you refresh the page or be different each time you visit. Fun!

Amanda and I met at the Rideau Center, and walked to the library which turned out to be useless. Then we decided to go to Schelly's to bug her since she wouldn't be studying anyway. We were right. We hung out there for a while and it was boiling because it was 20 freaking degrees today! [It was First Day of Shorts 2008. Woo!]

We went to the Elgin Street Diner for late lunch, and then strolled on over to the Museum of Nature for some five dollar fun! [Note: it costs $5 to enter the museum, not $20 lol].

Amanda was desperate to see dinosaurs.

Michelle enjoyed this one. They're friends.

Also on display somewhere was clearly a wheelchair/baby race. Who do you think would win?

We even got an aerial view of the dino friends!

Only a few sections of the museum were open. By looking through this door, you can see that like 70% of the castle is under construction.

As you can see, this dinosaur was letting us know about the castle renovations. It's true, y'all! Apparently the rest of the place wont be ready for another year or two.

Here I am, finding out that I weight more than 1000 blue jays. My goodness!

The three of us played some sort of bird game. I won. It had a sweet electronic dice thing. This is a really good camera timer pic. I'm great at those LOL


After the museum, we went for gelato. Then we went back to Michelle's where Amanda suited up, and I fixed her hair cut.

Who would ever let me go at them with scissors? Crazy people, that's who! But, for a first ever hair cutting attempt, I think it went pretty well!

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