Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Californian Survival

I am currently immersed in a week and a half of doing very little other than homework. I have 4 assignments due next week: a geomorphology mapping assignment due on Monday, a GIS poster due Thursday, and psych and research methods papers for Friday.

I will be away Saturday-Sunday, so I have elected to finish two assignments before then. Last night I did the first half of my GIS poster [making maps, which took about 6 hours]. Today I did map research for my geomorphology assignment, then class, then finished the research. Then I came home and napped and watched some TV. Then it was back to work on my poster. I designed my layout and then did the very boring part of the writeup, which is kind of lame, but its more about the maps in the end.

So I am one project down out of 4. Yay! The poster maps the areas in Salinas, California that are most conducive to human survival. There is lots of gang activity in the city, so you want to live as far from gangs and as close to hospitals as possible. I think its a great topic! This is a project that needs to be done a few days early, because it is a 15 sq ft poster and I need to get it printed [which should cost 45 bucks, but will be free because I know the guy LOL]. You can click to check it out if you want. Its pretty big.


Anonymous said...

As far away from gangs as possible and as close to a hospital as you can....great PSA, my friend!

i am playing outside said...

isnt it a wonderful topic? lol