Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Easter Weekend

My weekend in Renfrew was much fun. I have left this too long, but I don't feel like writing a whole lot, so I'm going to post this, and then I'm going to put up a bunch of pictures in the next post, with no captions. If you care about who the people are, you can just go back through old posts and match up the faces LOL.

Thursday night, I went to Coco Jarry's with Alison and Momma and Darrell. There was jazz music that was pretty decent, and Jordan was playing/chatting with us, which is always fun.

Friday, I was planning to go to 3:00 church, but then I was told at 2:00 that skating with my friends would be happening at 2:30. I thought we were going to public skating at 7:00, but we were actually doing a private skating thing just for us. I weaseled my way out of church, but we had a great time skating! That night, Donna Lynn and Cecil brought the kids for dinner. We had the annual salmon loaf. Darrell tried to make it planked salmon [classy] but Alison and I scoffed at the idea. He shall not change our traditions! LOL That night, Alison and I went to hang out with Doug and Leigh, and we watched Superbad. They all love it. I find it to be acceptable. LOL

On Saturday, something happened, blah blah I don't recall. That night, Darrell cooked us steaks and a great meal. Mmm. I squeezed in an hour-long visit with Megh and Mando, and then I headed to Jodie's for drinking fun. The drinking carried over to Finnigan's where I saw many great people. Then we had Subway, and I got home around 3:00.

Sunday morning, we were at church for 9:00. As usual on holidays, we ended up standing at the back against the heater for the entire time because I never just let us go early. Some holiday, I will remember LOL. We did a late lunch with dad's family, and then I went home to do the same meal with mom's family for supper, just a few hours later. I didn't overdo it at either meal, and I was not stuffed. Who is proud of me? I don't remember if I did anything that night.

Monday, I slept in late, and I took the 3:40pm bus back to Ottawa. A full bus that found the 20 people who got on in Renfrew standing in the aisle. 20 extra people. Very illegal. But we got to save our tickets for future use, so that's cool. I will use it in April. It's the second time I've stood for the 90 minute trip, so I knew what to expect. The sore arms, the warmth, the barely anything to hang onto. Damn you Greyhound!

One final thing: my cousin Tommy dropped off money for me to my mom, while I was out. I never got to see him in person on the weekend, and he never came to Ottawa to get the painting, so I still have it. He told my mom he thought it was $400. It was $380. Supplies cost $325. That's $55 bucks for doing the painting. That's a buck a day. Personally, I think its pretty low. Now, I do think that there is a chance he will give me more money when he actually HAS the painting himself, but I'm not sure. That's how it seemed things would be in early February when he said "I'm sending you the startup money and a little extra" which I assumed to mean that more money would come at pickup, but then he was pathetic and didn't give me that money until the painting was done. So who knows. But I want more. HAHA

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