Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Deep Snow

It has been a a while since I've had a decent post. Sorry. I've been busy and/or tired.

On Friday, Elyse moved to Ottawa and is now living with Andrew. Crazy, I tell you! Someone I've known for 17 years is living with my boyfriend. It should be me, no? Yes. I should. It will be in 6 months [minus 10 days] when I boot Elyse and I move in HAHA. They both love to clean and bake, so I shall expect a spotless place to hang out, with baked goods constantly at the ready.

Ottawa got hit with a good 52cm of snow on Friday and Saturday. It has been pretty much insane. This picture was Friday night. You should click it to enlarge.

Here is a picture from Saturday during the day, which surely shows that there is more snow than when I went to bed. Trust me.

On Friday, Andrew and I went to Old Navy and Chapters and Future Shop and for supper at East Side Marios. At East Side, the food was wonderful, but the service was poor. At Future Shop, I bought Wayne's World I and II, as well as Waking Ned Devine. All cheap! So cheap! Praise Future Shop! At Old Navy, I bought these pairs of boxers. I like them.

I also bought these jeans. I love the colour.

And I bought this yellow T-shirt, which I wore today. Nice, no?

Finally, I bought this WHITE shirt with PINK on it. I do not wear these colours. But it looked good, and I should branch out. Really, pink is just red, but different.

This is the latest picture of my painting, which I now have less than two weeks to complete [I assume that my cousin will be taking it at Easter]. It is almost done.

Today I had class and then did laundry at Andrew's. For the first time in my life, I bleached. It was also the first time in my life that I did a whites-only load. I'm a big boy now!

Finally, after years of random sampling, I have found a cologne. Michael has a smell now. That smell is Burberry [go figure].


Anonymous said...

hurrah! that spot i hate is gone.

Anonymous said...

I just lost my post. The whore. Basically, I now have very few T-shirts, and I also dont own enough white to bother with bleaching.

i am playing outside said...

lol nice

Stacy said...

oh! i like burberry...which one? london?

i am playing outside said...

yes indeed! London it is!