Monday, March 31, 2008

The Bowling Birthday

Friday night was Amy's birthday. I don't spend a ton of time with my school friends outside of school, but I would like to spend more time with them. [I had supper at the Rideau Center the other day with Phil and Dave which was also fun].

The birthday was fun, and I got to meet some of Amy's other friends and her boyfriend, which was nice, because meeting new people is a good thing.

I got to play Guitar Hero again, but this time whiskey was hindering my performance a bit more than last time. There were also a few rounds of Dance Dance Revolution played, which is on my list of things to do, but sadly we had to head out before I got my turn, so again I shall wait.

The cake setup was very professional LOL

We went bowling after the drinking and cake. Amy kicked our asses for the first game, but then I did pretty well the next game [I was second, behind Mandy].

This is me with Mandy [of Amy and Mandy, two of my favourite geographers] and Amy's boyfriend Doug who was pretty fun.

Finally, Amy and Doug together. Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Easter Pictures

The Easter Weekend

My weekend in Renfrew was much fun. I have left this too long, but I don't feel like writing a whole lot, so I'm going to post this, and then I'm going to put up a bunch of pictures in the next post, with no captions. If you care about who the people are, you can just go back through old posts and match up the faces LOL.

Thursday night, I went to Coco Jarry's with Alison and Momma and Darrell. There was jazz music that was pretty decent, and Jordan was playing/chatting with us, which is always fun.

Friday, I was planning to go to 3:00 church, but then I was told at 2:00 that skating with my friends would be happening at 2:30. I thought we were going to public skating at 7:00, but we were actually doing a private skating thing just for us. I weaseled my way out of church, but we had a great time skating! That night, Donna Lynn and Cecil brought the kids for dinner. We had the annual salmon loaf. Darrell tried to make it planked salmon [classy] but Alison and I scoffed at the idea. He shall not change our traditions! LOL That night, Alison and I went to hang out with Doug and Leigh, and we watched Superbad. They all love it. I find it to be acceptable. LOL

On Saturday, something happened, blah blah I don't recall. That night, Darrell cooked us steaks and a great meal. Mmm. I squeezed in an hour-long visit with Megh and Mando, and then I headed to Jodie's for drinking fun. The drinking carried over to Finnigan's where I saw many great people. Then we had Subway, and I got home around 3:00.

Sunday morning, we were at church for 9:00. As usual on holidays, we ended up standing at the back against the heater for the entire time because I never just let us go early. Some holiday, I will remember LOL. We did a late lunch with dad's family, and then I went home to do the same meal with mom's family for supper, just a few hours later. I didn't overdo it at either meal, and I was not stuffed. Who is proud of me? I don't remember if I did anything that night.

Monday, I slept in late, and I took the 3:40pm bus back to Ottawa. A full bus that found the 20 people who got on in Renfrew standing in the aisle. 20 extra people. Very illegal. But we got to save our tickets for future use, so that's cool. I will use it in April. It's the second time I've stood for the 90 minute trip, so I knew what to expect. The sore arms, the warmth, the barely anything to hang onto. Damn you Greyhound!

One final thing: my cousin Tommy dropped off money for me to my mom, while I was out. I never got to see him in person on the weekend, and he never came to Ottawa to get the painting, so I still have it. He told my mom he thought it was $400. It was $380. Supplies cost $325. That's $55 bucks for doing the painting. That's a buck a day. Personally, I think its pretty low. Now, I do think that there is a chance he will give me more money when he actually HAS the painting himself, but I'm not sure. That's how it seemed things would be in early February when he said "I'm sending you the startup money and a little extra" which I assumed to mean that more money would come at pickup, but then he was pathetic and didn't give me that money until the painting was done. So who knows. But I want more. HAHA

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Masterpiece

53 days from 'will you paint for me?' to my signature in the corner. My painting is done, and it will be leaving me this weekend.

Sadness: I have grown quite attached, and do not want to give it up. Postpartum depression? Maybe.

Happiness: I will finally get paid, which also involves recouping the loss of $340 that I paid out of my own pocket for the supplies. I can't wait to know how much money I'm actually getting for this thing. Everyone, think high! lol

In other news, I am off to Renfrew for the weekend in the next hour or two. Yay! I hope you all have a great Easter weekend!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Jameson's

Kerri got sick during the night, so I was all alone in my plans for St. Patrick's Day. Terrible!

I searched high and low, and finally found Jim at school to go drinking with. We went to Darcy McGee's and had a grand old time! Just like last year, I drank Jameson's for 7 hours. Unlike last year, my day did not end with me punching anyone. Yay!

Sadly, I took no pictures for you. I didn't feel like taking my camera since Kerri wasn't going to be there. I did take this picture though. My lovely green attire:

Today I slaved away for many many hours on my field study report for Advanced Geomorphology. We had to discuss the creek we went to a few weeks ago and talk about erosion and human intervention. It sucked. But it is done now, and my maps are pretty :)

I'm off to bed. Love you all!

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Dim Sum

Saturday morning I woke up at 11:40 to my beeping phone. A txt from Andrew saying that him and Sara would be coming to pick me up to go to IKEA shortly after 12. I quickly got ready and soon they were here. I got in the car and we started driving East. IKEA is West. Very West, in fact.

We arrived at a Chinese restaurant, and I was told we were having Dim Sum. This was horrifying to me, because I am not a fan of different foods. I did not know what Dim Sum meant. [For those who don't know, it is Chinese for 'circulating trays of food']. I think.

Since I was trapped, I decided to dive in. Sara knew the deal, so she picked what we should try, suggesting things like buns full of meat that I would enjoy. And I DID enjoy. I enjoyed everything I ate except for the rice noodle with shrimp. Andrew didn't like that either, so that makes me not a wuss.

We did eventually go to IKEA. I bought a lamp and a mini ironing board because it is better than a towel, and a 'fits all pans' frying pan lid, because I don't have one and I use a baking sheet instead HAHA.

Today I worked on some school work. I also put the last bits of colour on my painting. It is fierce. I still need to paint the sides white a time or two so they are beautiful and presentable [no lazy paint splatters for this boy!] and then I will sign it up, take one last picture or two for you guys, and then I guess it will be off to Toronto where I will never see it again!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all. I will come back with photos and drunken tales once my bottle of Jameson's wears off!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Hot Mess

Today I had class 8:30-11:30am, which was more like starting at 8:45 because a hot chocolate and a blueberry muffin at Starbucks was more important [I would like to note that on this day, I officially became that much gayer]. After class, I stuck around to chat with Phil and Kerri a bit, and then we were all off.

Kerri went to lunch with her best friend at World Exchange.
Phil went to meet his fiancée so they could talk to their wedding photographer.
I went home to my computer and bottles of pills.

I'll let the readers pick the winner.

I spent the day doing nothing. It was nice. I did accomplish one glorious achievement though. I became hopelessly addicted to the Project Runway spoof from SNL which is completely hilarious. I became so addicted that I can officially recite the entire damn thing. I am including the video below. You know, for posterity.

If you are Canadian and have not yet seen the finale, but you don't want to learn who wins the show because you somehow haven't heard yet and you do plan on watching it at some point, then do not watch. Anyone else who may want to watch it, is totally allowed. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Health Watch

Almost 24 hours have passed since I decided that I have strep throat. Since that moment, I have gone back to sleep and woken up 4 more times; the last being about 8am. When I woke up, I slowly started my morning. I sat around on the computer, then I showered, ate some cereal, and finally, I was off to the school clinic!

I waited for a few minutes, walked in, and said "I have strep throat". The Nurse Practitioner [a new one that isn't incompetent!] proceeded check my temperature [which I enjoy... the under the tongue one] and then looked in my ears [I also enjoy this, but don't know the relevance to strep]. I'm not quite sure why these first steps were necessary, because the second the woman said "now open your mouth", she was like "OH MY GOD, YOU'RE CERTAINLY RIGHT!" lol.

The woman gave me my prescription, and went on my merry little way to the pharmacy, where there was a really hot guy that I wanted to look at, but some stupid girl came and stood between us, and then she left and was immediately replaced by another stupid girl. Jerks! HAHA

Next, I went to school to do a bit of work with Evan and then Kerri. Then I came home and kind of just vegged all night. Tomorrow is going to need to be a work day, so I hope I continue getting better overnight.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Sickness

It is 3:46am and I am awake for the third time tonight. My sickness is getting worse. It feels like my throat is being ripped out. I assume it is strep. This is very displeasing.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Deep Snow

It has been a a while since I've had a decent post. Sorry. I've been busy and/or tired.

On Friday, Elyse moved to Ottawa and is now living with Andrew. Crazy, I tell you! Someone I've known for 17 years is living with my boyfriend. It should be me, no? Yes. I should. It will be in 6 months [minus 10 days] when I boot Elyse and I move in HAHA. They both love to clean and bake, so I shall expect a spotless place to hang out, with baked goods constantly at the ready.

Ottawa got hit with a good 52cm of snow on Friday and Saturday. It has been pretty much insane. This picture was Friday night. You should click it to enlarge.

Here is a picture from Saturday during the day, which surely shows that there is more snow than when I went to bed. Trust me.

On Friday, Andrew and I went to Old Navy and Chapters and Future Shop and for supper at East Side Marios. At East Side, the food was wonderful, but the service was poor. At Future Shop, I bought Wayne's World I and II, as well as Waking Ned Devine. All cheap! So cheap! Praise Future Shop! At Old Navy, I bought these pairs of boxers. I like them.

I also bought these jeans. I love the colour.

And I bought this yellow T-shirt, which I wore today. Nice, no?

Finally, I bought this WHITE shirt with PINK on it. I do not wear these colours. But it looked good, and I should branch out. Really, pink is just red, but different.

This is the latest picture of my painting, which I now have less than two weeks to complete [I assume that my cousin will be taking it at Easter]. It is almost done.

Today I had class and then did laundry at Andrew's. For the first time in my life, I bleached. It was also the first time in my life that I did a whites-only load. I'm a big boy now!

Finally, after years of random sampling, I have found a cologne. Michael has a smell now. That smell is Burberry [go figure].

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Waiting

So I am now trying to post [last night, and again now] since it has been a few days, and Blogger wont let me add my pictures, which really need to be present. So I have my text waiting in the wings [aka a draft] and I will get it posted tonight. I hope.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Crazy

I haven't done much in the past few days. Here are two quotes from the bus. 1 times lady, 2 times crazy.

Crazy Lady: "I guess these are our new purses. Don't you love them?" [see: back packs]

Regular Lady: "Umm... ya... I like how much I can carry around in them."

Crazy Lady: "Oh and don't you just love the little pocket on the front?"


Crazy Lady: "You know the saying 'when it rains, it pours?' Well, when it snows, it snows!"

Needless to say, I was glad I live two bus stops from school so this didn't have to go on for longer.

And now in general craziness news, Elyse [friends for 17 years] will be moving in with Andrew on Friday because she got a job in Ottawa. Crazy!