Friday, February 1, 2008

The Supplies

On Wednesday night, Andrew and I went to Wallack's and Loomis [which is now DeSerres, which is a bit confusing]. I bought my big canvas and all the other supplies I need for my painting [paint, brushes, etc]. I spent $340. Crazy, no? The items are going to be delivered on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday lol. Let's hope its soon!

Yesterday, I woke up and ran off to the Rideau Center to hang out with Elyse for the couple hours between her arriving in Ottawa and her interview with a travel agency. We ate some delicious subs, and then we wandered into many of the mall's fine stores and shops. Oh what a marvelous time it was! I really hope she gets the job. Then she'd be in Ottawa again! She really must leave Renfrew. Months ago.

The rest of the day was spent in class, except when I came home to watch the Lost season premiere, which was AMAZING AS USUAL. Oh my god, there are only 47 episodes left in the series now, and I can't handle that LOL... Even if they're spread out over the next three years, that's still gonna be hard :(

I am hoping that today, the stars will align. I've been waiting patiently for my awesomeness to be delivered, but I've been very busy the past two days, so I've missed the first two attempts. Today is the final delivery attempt, and if I miss it, I will have to go to a UPS store tomorrow and get the package myself. I'd love to save myself the trouble, so please Mr. UPS Man, come when I'm home today. Thank you!

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