Monday, February 4, 2008

The Skating

Today, I planned on going skating on the Rideau Canal. All alone, since Andrew doesn't like skating [boo! hiss!]

Michelle was all like 'hey, where are you going?' so I told her, but I told her that I would only skate with her if she could find me. This is such a needle-in-a-haystack scenario. An estimated one million people skate on the 7.8km long Rideau Canal each year.

How she found me, I'll never know.

I mean, we even got on the canal at different places at different times.

We grabbed a Beavertail and hot chocolate in this lovely area.

Here's a nice stretch.

When I was a wee lad, we started at the Dow's lake end. When you came up to this corner at the start of the uOttawa campus, you knew you were almost at the other end.

Then you'd get around that corner and you'd be in the home stretch.

You'd start to see National Defense and the Chateau Laurier in the distance.

Then you'd finally hit the Laurier bridge, and you're so close to the end, you can taste it!

As a new addition to the canal viewing pleasure, you can now see uOttawa's brand new $80 million building, which is just lovely. I've wanted to photograph it for quite some time. Well guess what!

Sadly, the ice was pretty bad, so we did not skate the whole length. No more than 2km before I turned back. Oh well, we had fun!


Anonymous said...

Looks like great exercise! It must've been fate she found you.

i am playing outside said...

it is NORMALLY great exercise, but the ice was so bad that you couldn't skate very fast, and you couldn't go very far without slowing to avoid holes, so it wasn't fantastic. But I did sweat a lot from being overdressed! lol