Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Second Round

I found these two pictures on my camera from the lasagne eating last night. I shall post them now. I KNEW I should have had pictures in that last post!

This is MegH and her lasagne and caesar salad.

This is Momma being very annoyed that I am taking pictures at supper HAHA

Day 2. Michael, Mando and MegH return to Tim Horton's. This time, Michael has his camera in hand.

We walked in the door, and Lindsay and Jacey were sitting right there! Jacey was hiding.

Adam was with them. He ate a LOT of food from Wendy's. His attempts to blend into the seat cusion failed.

Shortly after, Schelly showed up after her movie in Kanata with Casey. Casey did not come in to see us. Sadness.

Proof that MegH was there.

And Mando. Smiling and laughing and moving her hand. Oh my! And look at that luxurious hair dye job!

The Jenny and Jessie and Jessie's sister Tonia dropped in for a little visit.

Then Jenny did this.

And then she smiled.

Finally, we looked through the local newspaper's weddings and engagements supplement from 2007. This advertisement wasn't nearly as fun as it could have been, so I helped it out a bit.

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