Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Road Hammers

Today was long. Up at 7am. Then up again at 7:34am.

Class 8:30-11:30. Kerri and I had a grand old time in class, and especially on our walk upstairs where we discovered a weird row of display cases full of very creepy art. The class was outrageously boring, so I'm glad I have Kerri there to entertain me. Sadly, no one in my row was paying attention today, so the four of us were like bumbling idiots trying to follow along with the stuff we were doing on our computers.

I went home for lunch, and then returned to school on a very awkward two-stop bus ride where I was sandwiched into a corner and forced to talk face to face with a guy I barely know and don't really care for or have anything to say to. It was so awkward, y'all!

Class was extra horrible. I was so tired from being awake early, and so hungry from me trying to eat less, that I kept falling asleep for like 30 second intervals. Then, I would spruce right back up and pay attention very intently for about a minute, proud of myself, and then drop back down to sleep. This cycle continued for 30 minutes or so. The topic of today's class? Eating disorders. There was also a movie about them, which I actually stayed awake for the whole time.

QUESTION: What shouldn't be happening while you're learning about eating disorders?
ANSWER: You shouldn't be hungry because you're trying to eat less food!

Finally, after two or three days, we were unchained from our desks and allowed to go home to our free lives. I did some cleaning, some lazying, some American Gladiators watching, and then I was off to meet Andrew and Sara for a wonderful dinner at Elephant & Castle!

I had the most wonderful meal. Grilled Chicken and Mushroom Penné. Delicious! The service was kind of crappy though. This is the second time lately that we've had some drinks before dinner, and that always seems to imply to the wait staff that we don't want any form of service for the rest of the night. I wanted a chocolate dessert so freaking bad because I have wanted chocolate for days. But I wasn't allowed to have one, because the waitress wouldn't ever come close to the table. In the 2.5 hours I was there, I was not allowed to have a drink before dinner, the dinner, AND a dessert. That would just be horrible. Jerks! lol

We didn't even get the bill, but it was 7:30 and I had to run upstairs to meet Michelle, so I gave Andrew $25 to cover me. This was to cover my meal and the dessert and the tip. On my way to meet Michelle, I realized that I didn't have the dessert, and Andrew would owe me some money back. I asked about it later, and he reminded me that I had three drinks. Well who knew I was supposed to pay for those? LOL. In the end, Andrew wouldn't accept the rest of the money I owed him, and I thank him very much for that!

Michelle and I enjoyed the Road Hammers concert on the canal, although it definitely felt like a free concert lol. It was decent, but it wasn't amazing, and it wasn't very long either.

I was home by 9.


Anonymous said...

Oh mykl, everyone knows eating less food helps NOTHING!

You need to eat the proper amount of food, or your metabolism shuts down, and you can actually gain weight. Totally happened on Biggest Loser the two episodes ago.

And again, I thought Penné was pannin, or however you spell it :S

i am playing outside said...

lol yes we've been over the penné/panini thing lol

im only eating a LITTLE less, and its of better foods [i think] lol so i shall be good. i think.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the waitress knew you were trying to eat less and was trying to do you a favor. ;)

i am playing outside said...

screw her!