Friday, February 22, 2008

The Reunion

Nearing the end of grade 12, Mando and I were part of the Fat Five. That summer, things turned ugly in a highly publicized breakup. 178 days later, Mando, MegH and I reunited as the Fat Three. Not as catchy.

On Wednesday, I got together with MegH, Josh and Jackson for the first time since then. That's two or three years. It was better than I expected. Mando was absent for various obvious reasons.


Josh. Such gross hair.


Tonight, I went to dad's for supper. I was going to try to make it there twice this week, but he's been working late every night, so that didn't happen. Supper was very delicious and Mexicany. There was also some lovely appley dessert [kind of like a ball of pie. very hard to describe]. It was good! A lovely time, I say!

Dad with Angela. Lovely hat.

Me with Angela and Rachel. Aren't they kind of almost as adorable as me?

I had to cut supper short [just 2.5 hours at dad's] because I was off to meet Momma and others for a drink at Coco Jarry's.

Laura, Momma and Anne were all there [you may learn a funny little story about Anne tomorrow].

Genevieve and I, just after devising our little plan for a potential trip to Petawawa on Friday. This would make for two trips to Petawawa in as many days for me. Weird.

After they left, I went to the other side of the bar were I ran into Nick, Elyse and Rebecca.

Lindsay and Michelle were there.

So was Jenny!

We were all there to see Jordan's band play. They are called Shorthand, and you can find them online RIGHT HERE. They were good, but very loud for the small venue. Oh my God I'm officially old.

Rebecca told me that Mando had told her about my blog. Rebecca was very excited about this. Rebecca said that she's been reading it."Even all the old posts", said Rebecca. Rebecca then asked if she could be mentioned in a post.


Here is a pretty poorly lit picture of Jordan rocking out.

Finally, Jenny, Lindsay, Michelle and I went to Tim Horton's to finish off our night.

I particularly love this picture of me.


Anonymous said...

I would just like the people to know that 1) I'm mando (Hey, not everyone knows that!) 2) I did not attend mostly because I was in school! I have learning to do! 3) Would you really want to see that hair up close and personal? I didn't think so.

Also, whats with babys having weird hats? I have a similar (more awesome) hat from my childhood, kicking around somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Im going to be late for work for posting this, but I dont want to forget

Can you some day post something totally non interesting about me, say mando likes cake, or mando likes Pepsi, so I can get TOTALLY defensive about it, as I do all your other posts lol

Thanks :)

Rebecca said...

Yah! I got mentioned in the blog! Thanks, you rock!
PS I think its a sweet hat for a baby, it looks like she could be going off to some fancy party or something.

Anonymous said...

You always seem to be surrounded by friends and good times. Are you trying to say you are actually likeable?

Anonymous said...

Oh man, Rebecca is onto something. Someday we should gather a bunch of babies and hats, and have a sweet fancy baby hat party!

OR maybe I shouldn't try to think up ideas just after I wake up from my naps lol

i am playing outside said...


mando - you said a pile of funny things, but the fancy baby hat party is the best by far. i do not want to be surrounded by babies.

SRU - it appears that some people think im alright. never better than that though.

Anonymous said...

You know what's worse than being surrounded by babies? Being surrounded by babies (plural) that are ALL yours.

i am playing outside said...

scary thought.