Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Free Lunch

Don't listen to people who tell you that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Today in the deep dark sub basement of the Simard building, the Geography department had a free cookie and coffee day. It was a lovely time hanging out with my fellow geographers, and Sierra's cookies and Josh's brownies were fantastic. Much to our surprise, soon after I arrived in the deep dark sub basement, so did the Peoples' Republic of Delicious.

Apparently, this group randomly invades a space on campus once each week and whips up a delicious free vegetarian meal for anyone who wants it until the food runs out. They brought baguettes, garlic bread, rice, salad, something involving chick peas [naturally] and apple crisp. All in large quantities, all delicious, and all free!

Where did this food come from? Who bought this food? Why are these people so generous? Who knows. No one even knows where they'll show up next.

Also in the deep dark sub basement, I was pressured into officially putting down my email address in order to be contacted about helming the Geography Association next year. Everyone is graduating, and I'm being pressured to take over as VP Social or possibly President. Scary LOL

The rest of my day involved me sitting or laying in various positions [VARIOUS] pouring over books and course slides. Oh so much studying. Now I am completely caught up on all my readings for these first 6 weeks of school [even done the readings for tomorrow and Friday!]. I also did a lot of studying for my midterms that are tomorrow and Friday.

Also tomorrow, Andrew and I are going out for dinner. Yes, Valentine's Day is dumb, but its my first and I'm gonna enjoy it, damn it!

Finally, on Friday afternoon I will be off to Renfrew for 10 days of reading week fun. Woo!

I'm going to bed.


Anonymous said...

Ha, I was like Oh snap! It's my first too, but then I was like wait, I was with Derek last year, then I was going to check to see if last year was a weekend or not, but then I remember he was actually living with me then lol

also, UGH the sign in area has changed AGAIN

i am playing outside said...

lol nice... i never remember that he's been around that long either. he's just a background character lol

and yes, i saw the change of commenting and i was like GRR. it doesnt really affect me, but i know that it could mean bad things for you.

Steve said...

there's a group in peerborough called "food not bombs" who provides a free, hot, vegan meal at city hall ever monday at 6pm. non-violent, social networking protest to war and political aggression in general. goodtimes. and only 1.5 blocks from my apartment.
and you should totally do that thing. vp social or prez. i loved being on the english deparment board and on the tcsa @ trent.
ps: thanks for the many hugs recently.

i am playing outside said...

lol you've needed the hugs. and yes, i probably WILL 'do that thing' hehe

Anonymous said...

I love a healthy good lunch. Especially if it's free!
And look at you all over acheiving and stuff with that studying and reading!