Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Nice Day

Today was a very nice day. I woke up, and went to class to hand in my big hard assignment and almost fall asleep through the boring lecture. After class, Evan and I went to lunch at this sweet place in the market that makes super good sandwiches for low low prices! Take that, Subway! We chosen to hang out because we had never really talked much in person, just online. This is one of those times in my life where I was like *Hmm. I just met/saw this person and I WILL MAKE SURE that this person becomes my friend.* It has totally worked hehe.

After lunch, I did some GIS work, took an emergency nap [which is a nap that happens when I am suddenly hit with exhaustion and need to lay down without finishing what I'm doing or even saying goodbye to people I've talking to on MSN. It generally happens when I've had several days of poor sleep.] After that, Andrew and I went to South Keys to grab a warm beverage and do some groceries. He wanted to buy ice cream. He left with much much more. LOL

After that, I came home and did my final GIS module, and then I threw in an Arrested Development DVD and painted for about two hours. I started and finished an entire section that I'm really happy with. Here's how that went:

I filled in some of the square.

Then I put 16 different layers of paint down in the bottom left corner. With one brush, that's a lot of back and forth to the sink to clean it!

And then I zoomed the camera so you can see a little closer!


Steve said...

looks amazing!

i am playing outside said...

thank you :D

i'm kind of kicking myself for not just doing a giant painting all like that haha