Friday, February 15, 2008

The Happiness

Yesterday was my first real Valentine's Day ever. After class, I headed to Andrew's to drop off my stuff, and after the course of a couple late bus rides, we got to the Blackthorn Café in the Byward Market in time for our 8pm reservation.

I must say that I've never spent so much money on a meal, but I've also never had a better one. The place was beautiful, the other couples around were all kind of fun, and the waiter was great. I drank Manhattans [which the waiter admitted he'd never had before, and I demanded that he have one soon haha]. The wait for our food was quite lengthy, and for some reason they weren't able to bring us any pre-dinner bread, so they brought me a crab cake and Andrew got these amazing little lobster things that were done up like snails. They were incredible. For the meal, I had beef tenderloin penne with mushrooms and various other things that I now forget, but oh my they were delicious.

We stayed up until 2:30 which was awful, because I had to be up at 7. I also had to bus farther than normal to get to school, and they heavy snow made that a nightmare. I waited outside for about 25 freezing minutes until a bus finally came.

In class, I enjoyed my time sitting with Kerri and Phil. We got our first assignments back, and I got a 90%. Now, that made me happy, but what made me absolutely ecstatic was that Phil only got 80% [so did Kerri]. I believe this was the first time in the two years I've known Phil that I've done better than him on anything. He's a smart lad, that one. He congratulated me and I was jubilant.

Class let out early, so I came home. I told myself I'd study, but I lied. I was tired, I was hungry from no breakfast, and I just wanted to sit here, dammit. At 1, I wrote my Social Motivation midterm and I think it went quite well.

All these things have made me very happy. But what I'm most excited for is that any second now, my dad will be at the door. He's never been here [IN SIX MONTHS] so I will show him the place [including Tim's various messes... my room is immaculately clean right now because that's how I like to come back to it] and then we will be off to Renfrew for a ten day stay!

I'll talk to you soon from Renfrew. Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I have lived in Ottawa over a year now, and my dad has never been here, and most likely never will be here. He also doesn't know my phone number, even though I wrote it down on a piece of paper with my address for him.