Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Guitar Hero

Recently, Stacy played Guitar Hero, and I prompted me to want to play as well. I'd also like to do Dance Dance Revolution someday.

I went over to Mando's and I dyed her hair. She was horrified that I was going to do a bad job. My technique is a little messy and seemingly terrible, but I know in my heart that it works every time.

I only got one spot of dye on me, right below the banana. That's right.

Schelly was there, and she watched patiently LOL

Then, it was finally time for me to rock out. I had great fun. What a fantastic game! I did like 98% of the playing, because they both own it, so they know what its all about haha.

Then Schelly gave it a go. I don't know how well she did, because I was taking this picture and eating shrimp and looking up the bus schedule to get back downtown.

Quote: "Mykl did a FABULOUS job dying my hair" [that quote may not ve exact]

Then she cackled and made this face. Wonderful.

Then it was off to Winterlude...

...with Kathryn, her daughter whose name is hard to spell, John and Andrew [behind the camera].

See? Andrew was there too, with the others in the Crystal Lounge. It was the rockin'est ice fest ever lol

John tried his hand at figure skating.

Then Andrew did. I did not. lol

We ate some delicious Beavertails. Oh my, were they ever good.

At the end of the night, I came home to a big mess. Thankfully, I knew to expect it. And it has left me with pop and booze to drink.


Anonymous said...

My place is SO messy lol.

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

OOOOooh - Winterfest! So jealous!You bloody easterners.. .
We westerners have no Rideau Canal to skate on :(. But we can kayak and go to the beach all year long. Still... As a former Albertan, I miss skating outside in the winter.

I noticed that one of your favorite shows is "Home Heist" - maybe C & J could help you with your kitchen, darling... I bet if you offered to color Colin's hair, he'd be putty in your hands. Yikes - did that whole thing sound wrong to you too? Sorry!

i am playing outside said...

BAHAHA I'm more into Justin than Colin, but if it gets them both here, I'll do ANYTHING lol

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Great dye job and a happy customer!

What's a Beavertail?? Is it like an Elephant Ear (fried sugary dough)?

i am playing outside said...

it is indeed like an Elephant Ear! but umm... MORE DELICIOUS! lol

Stacy said...

ROCK ON my brother!

I really need to make a trip to Winterlude one year. It looks like SO much fun. I'll even save up a couple of cheat-sundays so I can indulged in one of those yummy beavertails.