Monday, February 25, 2008

The Gin

Three days have passed. I've been busy. On Friday, my cousin Genevieve picked me up at 11am and we headed to Pembroke, along with Natalie and Ryan.

Our first stop was Fabricland. Genevieve is a sewing feind. There was a sale for members only. She happens to be a member. Old lady! She bought a whole lot of fabric, and then we chose a lovely pattern for her to make a shirt for me. I'm very excited. She's a budy girl though, so I'll get it when I get it lol

Next, we were off to Pembroke's new [in September] and apparently AWESOME Value Village. There were so many good finds! I got a sweet brown tie with wheat on it, and a sweet Dior tie for like 3 bucks. The Dior website sells ties for 170. A good deal? I think so! I also bought a red Hugo Boss shirt for 20, and beautiful green suspenders. I need to sew them together because they were coming apart from each other, but that will be easy!

Me in my Hugo shirt [beautiful] and Natalie in the sweet sweet dress she tried on. You have to try on some fun things.

Ryan. That's all I got.

Our lovely chauffeur, Genevieve, who then took us down the road to Petawawa, to For Your Eyes Only. Petawawa's porn store, naturally. You see, it had come to our attention the night before that her aunt Anne [my second cousin] has started dating the owner of this particular store. You may recall the picture of the 65 year old Anne in my previous post. We needed to check out the situation and see the guy. He is 63. It was fun/awkward. Genevieve was too chicken to mention Anne's name for the family discount. Lame! haha

That night, we went to Spencer and Cigi's house to drink. I wore my sweet suspenders. Look how awesome they are! They will totally be worn on St. Patrick's Day.

It was Colin's 19th birthday. He spilled his beer. Tsk tsk.

We played drinking games with these awesome green Bicycle cards. I MUST go to Wal*Mart to buy them. You can't not buy them. They are totally sweet.

Spencer, Cigi and Natalie.


I deffinitely drank almost a whole 26er of gin in about three hours. It was disgusting. My problem is that when I play drinking games, not only do I do all the drinking that the game dictates, but I also drink regularly as though we're not playing a game. This is twice the drinking, if not more. Not good.

I didn't throw up. I wish I had. LOL

Saturday night, Leigh and I went to Doug's in Petawawa where his kids were having a party. We hung out with him and his brother, who is also in the army. They gave me a sweet army bag which I friggin' love. Apparently Doug promises things to people and then begs his brother to get the things for the people, since he's the one with the actual pull HAHA.

I'm back in Ottawa now and I have an assignment to do. It is hard and I'm going to suffer.

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